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John Meeks ‘Diary of a Dead Man’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Before I began to read Diary of a Dead Manby John Meeks I thought “Oh this is going to be lame!”  Boy was I WRONG.  This turned out to be quite an imaginative and unique novella.  I AM so glad I started reading it because once you get past the first couple of pages the story hooks you and I didn’t want to stop until I read the end.

The world has suffered a zombie outbreak, after some random attacks worldwide, things died down.  Then, a 2nd outbreak occurs and this time the zombies are here to stay.  Somehow this time around the zombies seem a little different.  Our narrator is Leslie a guy who has decided to keep a journal of what’s been going on and the changes taking place.  Life has finally settled into a somewhat normalcy.  Folks have reinforced their homes and vehicles and feel somewhat safe.  The trash collectors have become the new law, driving around picking up not only trash but zombies too.

Leslie has his routine, going out picking up supplies, scavenging through the homes of those who didn’t make it.  His best friend Jeff just moved in across the street, life’s good. Then one day Leslie takes ill.  He continues to get worse until he wakes one morning and realizes he’s DEAD!  Wait, how can that be?  He’s a zombie but he’s not mindless, he’s hungry but the thought of eating a human sickens him.  What’s a guy to do?  At first he tries to hide the fact from Jeff but eventually fills him in.  From there Jeff come up with a way for Leslie to look undead and the real adventure begins.

The narration flowed smoothly and left me wanting more.  Even though this isn’t a full length novel it has the feel of one.  As a bonus there is a short story titled Last Rights “A Priests Tale” included.  This is a strange tale of a Priest that is bitten by a vampire and an even stranger twist at the end.  All in all a good read.

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5

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