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Matt Drabble ‘Gated II: Ravenhill Academy’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Gated II: Ravenhill Academy by Matt Drabble is the continuing story of Tolan Christian.  In book one Gated, Tolan was defeated and thought dead.  Now ten years later the tale starts up again.

Sara Jane or SJ now goes by just Sarah, she is a teacher at the exclusive RavenhillAcademy in northern England.  It’s been 6 years at the academy and Sarah is finally beginning to get comfortable.  She has a bit of a flirtation going on with fellow teacher Stuart and a deepening friendship with Jemima, another teacher.

Alas, when the going gets good the bad starts occurring.  A new student, 13 years old Joshua arrives from America one day and that is when strange events begin.  Little things at first are noticed, like the unruly kid in class concedes to Josh.  All the other students begin to look to Josh as a leader even though he’s one of the younger kids.  And Josh, well he’s just a little too polite, a little too knowing.

Christmas holiday has arrived and the majority of staff and students leave for home.  As those who are retuning home depart a massive snowstorm is moving in. Thirteen students, the headmaster, Sarah, and a handful of staff remain.   Now the fun starts!  Strange deaths, students acting weirdly, zombie-like; Sarah is beginning to feel a dread descend upon her. Maurice the caretaker whose family has been with Ravenhill since the beginning is fearful of the change in atmosphere.  Isolated by the storm, there is no escaping what’s to come.

Finally Tolan Christian shows himself in the form of Joshua.  Ten years since his death and he’s ready for his resurrection and revenge.  Sarah knows he was defeated once now she must find his weakness to defeat him again before it’s too late!

If you read Gated and loved it, then I know you will enjoy this book.  The ending leaves us with an opening for a third book which I’m sure is what you want!

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5

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