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Shannon Yarbrough ‘Dickinstein: Emily Dickinson – Mad Scientist’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard
“Because I could not stop for Death-

He kindly stopped for me-

The Carriage held but just Ourselves

And Immortality.”   -Emily Dickinson

The first thing I want to mention here is the name of this book. Go ahead and say it…Dickinstein. Really? I had my own issue with this name but the book’s content and the title character quickly helped me to get beyond the stigma I initially wanted to place on it. Mr. Yarbrough took me into the world of one very famous woman of poetry, Miss Emily Dickinson. For that alone I have praise for this book.

You won’t find gore here, what you will find is a well written story based rather accurately on the life of Miss Dickinson, with a lovely Frankenstein twist.

Miss Emily is reclusive and limits her interaction to only a few people. Her parents, a brother named Austin, and a sister who she refers to as Vinnie. Her friendships are other scholarly types. She has one friend which she has an extreme fondness for, Benjamin Newton. While not overly social, she is a gentle person with a deep love of poetry, her garden and small animals. It grieves her soul to find even the smallest of creatures dying or dead. This is where the strange activities begin; Our intelligent lady has decided to intervene with death, designing a machine to reanimate the dead. But death complicates her life, as the passing of someone close forces her into a moral dilemma that could conceivably carry nasty side effects.

This is an easy read and I believe you will enjoy it. If you also happen to find poetry pleasing you may well be delighted with the many tidbits of Miss Dickinson’s actual works that are interjected. The plot is not a heavy handed horror story but it does offer up a nice tale, as we also get a closer glimpse at the life of one of history’s most recognized individuals. I do recommend this book for all who enjoy a quick enough read, with a nice bonus of poetic talent thrown in.

Order it here.

Rating: 3.5/5

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