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Tanith Lee ‘Colder Greyer Stones’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Colder Greyer Stones is a fantastic collection of short stories by the acclaimed author, Tanith Lee.  This is an expansion of the original book which was published in 2012. The Frost Watcher is a story that was originally intended for the 1st publication, inspired by the cover art done by noted artist John Kaiine, Tanith Lee’s husband; for some reason it was not included at the time, but with this new release we will finally be able to see what we were missing!  Tanith Lee is the winner of several awards and this past year received a Lifetime Achievement Award at World Fantasycon.  Well deserved I must add.

En Forêt Noire is taken from a song Ms Lee’s mother would sing, En Forêt Noire je vais les soirs, into the dark forest I go in the evenings.  Ahh and what a dark forest it is, the townsfolk from miles around have stories to tell.  Once you enter you never return; that is until Louis is challenged at gunpoint to enter with his conniving future brother in law.

In the Country of the Blind we are reminded of the old adage ‘never judge a book by its cover’.

“Have you ever wanted to kill anyone?  Probably you have.”, so opens the story Killing Her.  Tooty Wilson had a way of grating on her co-worker’s nerves; it got so bad that action was needed!

The Frost Watcher is an eerie thought provoking tale of what’s to come.  Durdyn a young shepherd encounters a Watcher one evening while tending his sheep.  He is given a warning that a frost like no other is coming.  Trying to tell others of the warning gets him nowhere and he eventually keeps it to himself.  Fast forward seven years and life goes on but the warning still lingers in the back of Durdyn’s mind until the day he meets Crorth an old man who lives up in the hills in a cave.  The beginning of the end has been set in motion.

I really enjoyed this collection of stories put together by Ian Whates.  Though I must admit I AM a fan so I do enjoy anything written by Tanith Lee.

Order this one here.

Rating: 4.5/5

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1 Comment on Tanith Lee ‘Colder Greyer Stones’ Review

  1. Vitina Molgaard // December 30, 2013 at 5:26 am // Reply

    A nice piece to add to your other book you have mentioned ‘The Frost Watcher’. It is a good thing when you find yourself reading a ‘missing’ piece. Especially if you did not feel that it was missing the first time you read it. Good deal here. Just me…vitina


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