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The 2014 Schedule – Lend Your Voices: What Kind of Events and Improvements Would You Like to See Made to HNR?


I’m always out to do the best thing for HNR. We have a lot of different projects in the works, and we’re slowly growing and branching out into other elements of horror (our limited poster lines are going to knock you dead!), but there could always be something more that we could potentially make happen in order to improve the ways of HNR.

So, it’s time to hear any recommendations you, the community, have to share.

To cover a few bases, and let you know what we’re working on (in case you might think to make such a recommendation)…

We’ll be sponsoring the Twisted Terror Con in Sacramento. I’m hoping to get at least one of the author’s who’ve contributed to some of our projects out there to hang out. We’ll have a booth with posters, apparel and books, and hopefully we can get that extra author or two our to do some book signings. Note: We’ll also be looking to work our way into a few more conventions during 2014. It’s going to be best to get our faces and the brand out there, and conventions are the best way to make it happen.

We’ll be launching the full graphic branch of the site, where you can grab unique collectible items, like posters, apparel, book covers and more.

We’ll be publishing at least four more books in 2014, as well as our very first collection, which has been on the shelf due to some financial issues.

You can look forward to no fewer than two writing contests as well (likely Valentine’s Day and Halloween, though plans are still being made) next year, with anthology releases slated to follow.

We’ll be shooting a few video interviews this year, which is new for us.

We’re in the process of attempting to relaunch a podcast. This time, with a little bit of everything horror infused. The podcast will likely only consist of 8-14 episodes yearly, but we’ll bring you some good stuff. If you listened to The Ball & Chain Show in the past, you know we like to wrangle the celebrities to chat. So expect big things.

Movie coverage will take on a slightly more powerful presence on the site. Novels, novellas, collections, shorts and graphic novels will always take big priority here, but we’re going to try to bring you some advanced reviews of new films. I’m in the process of getting back into the media loop, which should enable me to provide some of the more highly anticipated stuff. Rest assured however, it’s fiction in word formation first and foremost here!

If you’ve got any other recommendations – things we can do, events we can have, features we can change – hell, anything really, let us know. We’re trying to keep the forward momentum going, and your voice means a lot!

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15 Comments on The 2014 Schedule – Lend Your Voices: What Kind of Events and Improvements Would You Like to See Made to HNR?

  1. Matt: Just texted you, but I’ll post it here as well. Have you considered conducting live author interviews via Google Hangouts? They stream to YouTube for others to watch. Might be a neat, free way to promote HNR as a brand and also as a way to put a face to all of the authors you’re promoting here. Just an idea. Let me know if you want to discuss further.



  2. You could fly me to Sacramento… 😉

    Competitions are a great idea. You could do an Easter one (think of the rabbits, Matt, massive teeth…) or maybe some themed ones: a horror story with no gore for example.

    I really like the site and love the fact that you promote indie authors as well as more famous names so, basically keep doing what you’re doing. I will be tweeting and facebooking about the site as I’m in the Christmas anthology (get in!) so with any luck you’ll pick up some visitors from the UK.

    Have a good christmas.


  3. Matt, I’ll be attending the World Horror Con in Portland, Or in May. I’d love to represent HNR there. As for the site? I love what you’ve been doing. Todd’s idea is okay..I guess-jut kidding, Mr. B 🙂 Yeah, podcasts, google hang out interviews…all sounds great.
    Convention presence is a must. Let’s figure this out! Congrats on a great 2013! We all appreciate the hell out you, Matt!


    • Glenn – I’d LOVE for you to represent thebrand at thw con in pORTLAND. iN Fact, maybe I can make it out, we can spend the weekend together, do the con, drink some beers and maybe write a collaborative story. Let’s talk further about that in direct email.


  4. Wayne C. Rogers // December 18, 2013 at 2:02 pm // Reply

    Matt, how about an Appreciation day for either Robert McCammon or Dan Simmons? You already have several book reviews from me on Rick’s work. I can supply several reviews of Dan’s older books. Also, would you be interested in movie reviews of past films. I can supply you with at least a dozen film reviews: King Kong, Stir of Echoes, Salem’s Lot, etc.



  5. I’ve noticed that HNR seems to be gaining a following in the writing community. Coupled with the declaration that the site is dedicated to ‘fiction in word formation’, I have to assume that your audience is largely people who share an appreciation for, well, writing horror. I’d like to see a page/tab dedicated to ‘Writing Horror 101’ with advice articles on how to craft terror where aspiring authors can learn the basics and more advanced authors can dive into more advanced techniques. You might even be able to get authors you interview to supply one or two paragraphs on their influences, where they get ideas, working habits, etc. This could extend to all fiction, including screenplays.

    Also, a history of horror section might be cool. Ghosts to Poe to Lovecraft to Hammer to splatterpunk to zombies to what’s next.


  6. more tasteful nude pics of me


  7. You could have a specific column dedicated to the discussion of relatively obscure books as well..sort of a “Lost Horror” section. Novels like The Beast Within, Damon or The House Next Door..stuff that has gotten buried in the sands of time. The difficult part would be securing a copy of the book to read, but if you can manage that, it might prove to be a popular feature.


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