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Terry M. West’s ‘What Price Gory?’ Arrives this Friday, and You Want to Get Your Hands on it!


Terry M. West is an absolute monster. If you’re looking to find an impressive up-and-comer, Terry’s your man. He’s been working his craft for years, but his fiction reads like something crafted by a man who has really come into his own. In short, he’s just an awesome talent with a remarkably bright future.

This Friday we’ll see the release of West’s latest, What Price Gory? It’s a collection of sorts, and there’s some seriously riveting material here. I haven’t even been fortunate enough to read the full collection yet, but what I have read totally and completely worked for me. And what I’ve noticed – what this release has revealed to me – is that every story Terry puts out there feels like an improvement on an already strong product.

We’re all after evolution, and Terry displays it in spades. Today he has what it takes to succeed in the business. I can’t even imagine what tomorrow holds in store.

We’ve got the press release for West’s new release. It’s got just about all the info you could possibly need, and it’s important that you take a gander. Your appetite for the macabre will be sated by this release, and that’s why you’ve got to mark the calendar: This Friday, Friday the 13th, What Price Gory? will be available to the public. Read on to learn how to get your grubby mitts on this one!

WHAT PRICE GORY? is the new horror collection from Terry M. West, the critically-acclaimed author of A PSYCHO’S MEDLEY and the filmmaker best known for FLESH FOR THE BEAST. WHAT PRICE GORY? is a collection of weird supernatural stories. Monsters and demons abound in these tales. The collection is 48,000 words and features the following stories:

What Price Gory?: Two famous horror authors have a supernatural contest of the imagination to crown the true king of horror.

Car Nex: A God-fearing man accidently calls forth a hungry demon from an ancient book of shadows.

The Hermit’s Creepy Pet: An ill-tempered hermit captures a local urban legend in a bear trap.

Held Over: Welcome to the Milburn and Stein Home for Continuance. It is a first class living community for the recently undead.

The Hairy Ones: An elderly couple living deep in the woods prepares a sacrifice for the Hairy Ones on All Hallow’s Eve.

Cecil & Bubba meet a Succubus: Two good old boys who are strapped for cash hire on to a paranormal investigation and are soon haunted by a seductive demon.

Put on a Happy Face: Susie Monroe hides in an old house with her brother, Billy. Billy is a shadow man who wears many faces. But none of them are his.

Midnight Snack: Calvin Winslow gets lost during a late night drive and he finds a strange and dangerous place on the back roads.

This collection also features a sneak preview of the novella currently under work: Cecil and Bubba meet the Thang.

When asked about his newest collection, West said, “What Price Gory? shows my love for retro horror. These tales have been influenced by television shows like The Twilight Zone, Night Gallery and Tales from the Darkside. I think this collection holds some of my best work, and I am excited for the release.”

What Price Gory? is being published by Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc. and it will be on originally as a Kindle release, with a print version to come. It will have a special introductory price of .99 cents for a limited time. Release date is Friday, December 13th!

Stay tuned to the site for the remainder of the day; We’ve got some killer coverage of West’s work in store!

Be sure to check out Terry’s site as well as the official Pleasant Storm site.

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1 Comment on Terry M. West’s ‘What Price Gory?’ Arrives this Friday, and You Want to Get Your Hands on it!

  1. Vitina molgaard // December 9, 2013 at 7:48 pm // Reply

    I have read this book and will vouch that it is all that it is promising to be. To miss out on this book would be a mistake and the fact that it is being offered for ninety-nine pennies when it is first released is more than a great bargain . Don’t miss out and I will have to check back here today and find out what sample story will be revealed…just me…vitina the old hippie


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