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Totally Random Rumor: In ‘Amazing Spiderman 2’, Gwen Stacy Dies Exactly Like She Did in the Comics


First off, I know this is totally random, pretty much not related to anything here, not horror and, well, probably unexpected. I get it. But I didn’t have anywhere else to post this (to be honest I don’t want to put anybody’s rear-end in the hot seat), and I definitely wanted to post this.

Second off, let me say this: I’m going to share what could be a potential spoiler for a highly anticipated flick that’s headed our way next year. The information – the way I received this was somewhat… strange, so you can take it for what it’s worth, or not take it at all – I have was shared by someone directly involved with the making of the film. All I’ll say is this fellows responsibility goes down behind the camera as part of the crew (I’m not going to specify his precise job description, for the reason you’re about to read…). For the sake of his job (I’m not out to get anyone in potential trouble, especially not a buddy, and it is just that simple) I will not share any names. So you’re accepting this as what it is: rumor, not a proven fact. I just cannot source this one. If you choose not to believe this, hey, I can’t blame you. I don’t even know where I stand on the matter, myself.

Third, having said all of that above, understand that I’ve worked in the cinematic field for more than a half decade now, and I’ve made a lot of friends. I’ve kept in contact with a number of folks over the years on a personal level as well as professional. And my “skills” (if you opt to use that term) have taken me down some enjoyable and amazing paths. I’ve written for some pretty sizable companies (Relativity Media, Fangoria, Starburst Magazine, to name a few), and have been given the chance to meet a lot of people. The point is, I’m not pulling this out of thin air after conspiring with Jimmy on Facebook for laughs. What I’m going to tell you is a fact. The stuff I’m going to share was spoken from one person – a friend of mine, directly involved with the film – straight to me, via telephone. That much did happen. Was I told the entire truth by this person? I think so, but some fabrication and or deception isn’t out of the question. This guy’s a joker, and if he threw me a line knowing I’d find some way to get it out there, just for a laugh at my expense, I won’t be mad at him, and I won’t be utterly baffled. But I’m inclined to believe what I heard was more of a slip than a deceptive tactic or prank.

If you care about Spiderman at all, and you’re looking forward to the forthcoming Amazing Spiderman 2, you might want to read this. However, if you’re against the idea of spoilers, you’ll want to veer as far from this piece as possible. Again, I don’t know if this is true, but it seems reasonable. So reasonable, in fact, a lot of people won’t even consider this much of a spoiler (in a way, it’s not… I expect this to unfold, as you’re about to read).


“Didn’t Gwen Stacy die back in the ‘70s during a fight between Spidey and the Green Goblin? Doesn’t she fall, or get thrown off a bridge or somethin’, and Spidey shoots his web to save her, but it breaks her neck instead?”

Those aren’t the exact words that crept from my mouth (sorry, I didn’t record this or take notes, as I didn’t see a spoiler coming in an otherwise typical touch bases kind of convo) during this phone conversation, but that’s pretty damn close. That question was met with confirmation, and a few clarified details. I basically said, well, that’s what I figure happens in this new flick.

And then it got interesting.

I won’t know if this was intentional, or a ploy to get me to do what I’m doing right now, for some time. If this was a wiseguy trolling me via phone, kudos. It worked, and I’ll look like a jackass to anyone who remembers this piece in six months or so (the flick comes out next May, if memory serves correct) should these events not happen in the film. Don’t have a problem with that. I can laugh at myself.

He says to me, “Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly how it happens in the movie…” (again, that’s not verbatim, but it’s what he said, I might have two words slightly off in there) and yes, there was an awkward pause that followed that statement.

It wasn’t a particularly comfortable moment between us.

I asked if he was messing with me, or he just accidentally let a little spoiler slide on me. He told me he accidentally let that one slip, and proceeded to insist that I swear his name doesn’t come out of my mouth, should word on that detail suddenly leak.

And that was kind of what made me feel as though he had intentionally thrown me some bait. I couldn’t tell if he was genuinely disturbed, and subsequently awkward by making a legit mistake, or if he was leading me down a silly little path to grab a chuckle at my cost. It kind of felt like a setup. Reflecting on the conversation, I still can’t decide what to believe. But the thing is, I did expect that to happen in the movie. It seemed a logical progression for the storyline. Any Spiderman fan knows Gwen dies in the books, even if they don’t know or remember the details. We know the Green Goblin is in the flick, we know (probably – I knew it) he was a big part of the storylines around the time Gwen died. It kind of seems like an obvious setup for the film’s big finale.

Maybe it’s too obvious, and I look goofy as all hell next year. Maybe that was a genuine screw up made by a guy excited about a promising flick (I’ve got my fingers crossed, hoping they didn’t give this one the Spiderman 3 packed to the point of neglect treatment) that he was lucky enough to be involved with. We’ll see what happens.

I wanted to share, regardless of not being able to soundly substantiate my source. If I’m not on the wrong end of a joke here, maybe I’ll be the first to shed some light on the subject. At this point it’s hard to keep up with all the crazy web-head rumors.

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2 Comments on Totally Random Rumor: In ‘Amazing Spiderman 2’, Gwen Stacy Dies Exactly Like She Did in the Comics

  1. Vitina molgaard // December 6, 2013 at 3:30 am // Reply

    Putting yourself out here …a leak …or a prank…I for one am curious which it will be….if it is the real thing good deal…if not perhaps I can come up with some interesting yet not cruel way to poke fun at you….while having a laugh hopefully with you…in this case only time will tell…as always,,,just me….Vitina


  2. Well, this would only be following the evolution of the comic. At some point in the franchise, Gwen would need to die, to stay true to the storyline and to add to Spidey’s angst.


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