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Jeffrey Wilson ‘Fade to Black’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

Then the weight of his plan for the night sunk back on him, and he sighed heavily. Might this be his last night with his family? He shook the thought off violently, physically shaking his head and making himself a bit dizzy. There was no point in letting his mind go there.

It is what it is.

He was trapped between his family and a world of death and ghosts no one could possibly understand.

Including him.

–Fade To Black

Jeffery Wilson has written an interesting story here. It has a fine mix of the supernatural interwoven with the harrowing heartbreak of war, intermingled with suspense and a sharp edge of terror.

We begin our story with focus on Jack, a young soldier in the middle of the war in Iraq, fighting to save his life as well as his buddies. But things don’t remain balanced for him, because in the middle of this battle, Jack begins to sense something is shifting for him, and – suddenly – he wakes up in bed next to his slumbering wife. Upon his awakening from what feels like more than just a horrific nightmare, we get a closer look at our primary protagonist, who also happens to be a high school teacher, husband and father of one daughter.

Lately life has become more difficult for him, he finds himself having serious difficulties distinguishing between reality and the nightmarish world of war. Unfortunately the disturbing dreams of warfare feel much more real than any other aspect of life. It certainly complicates matters when his days begin to be intruded upon by visitors of a ghostly nature, from the war. It isn’t long before Jack starts to doubt his own sanity.

Often books come my way which are hard to label. This is one of just that nature. There is the battle of the character involved in a supernatural scenario, combined with the terrors of a very real war, but I am more compelled to label this one a ghost story first and foremost. Mr. Wilson delivers an easy, smooth read that infuses a hint of endearing comedy. In fact there is a mention in here that I personally found to be quite humorous: Our character wants to settle down and watch a movie, but to do so he needs to go out and rent one. The dilemma? Deal with the hassle of ‘Redbox’ and the people who complicate its use, or pay ‘Blockbuster’ a visit? It’s a minor issue, but it’s a strong example of somewhat subtle, but quite effective humor.

I enjoyed this story, but I feel it is my responsibility to say you will not be finding blood soaked terror and heaps of gore within its pages. Some ghosts, confusion and a twist of madness constitute this one.

Order it right here.

Rating: 3.5/5

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