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Must-See Trailer for Jeremy Bishop’s ‘The Raven’!


Written by: David Gatward

Now the reason I’m posting this is because Mr. Bishop here has possibly the best ever book trailer, period. I mean, this one is ball-breakingly brilliant. It’s an interview with him and his ‘psyche’ that has manifested itself as a puppet. Honestly, this is pure genius. You have to watch it. Immediately:

See? Genius! His most recent book, published summer this year, is The Raven, the sequel to The Sentinel. Hell, this thing has Viking zombies! VIKING F*****’ ZOMBIES! BOOM! Nazi zombies are nothing on this bad boys!

Described as ‘Moby Dick meets Shaun of the Dead’, this is the blurb:

“After dealing with a horde of Viking zombies, Jane discovers that the situation is quickly spiraling out of control. The infection isn’t just spreading, it’s plotting, seeking out the best way to wipe out humanity starting with a host of infected mammals…in the ocean.”

Sounds brilliant to me. For more info check out:

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1 Comment on Must-See Trailer for Jeremy Bishop’s ‘The Raven’!

  1. Wow…That is one freaking fantastic trailer…may need to watch it a number of times daily for fun…..”No need to worry, nobody will write negative reviews after this!”…Great attention getter….Jeremy Effing Bishop, you have succeeded in capturing me…as always…the old hippie…vitina


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