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Are You Prepared for Brian Moreland’s ‘The Devil’s Woods’?

Written by: David Gatward

Moreland is a writer whose website doesn’t give that much away about who and what (we assume human, but you just never know!) he is. Usually you find a bio, but not here. Instead, you get a blog introduced thus: “Brian has many dark worlds to show you, some unusual characters, and thrilling adventures to get your heart racing and leave you breathless. Brian has dedicated this blog to share excerpts of his novels, short stories, and even some posts from his creative writing journal. Before you enter the Crypt of Horror, be forewarned … you will encounter monsters.”

So, there you go. Anyway, onto his new book. Out in a couple of weeks (December 3rd; pre-order it here), The Devil’s Woods has a natty cover and sounds pretty fab. Behold:


“Deep within the Canadian wilderness, people have been disappearing for over a century. There is a place the locals call “the Devil’s Woods”, but to speak of it will only bring the devil to your door. It is a place so evil that even animals avoid it.

When their father’s expedition team goes missing, Kyle Elkheart and his brother and sister return to the abandoned Cree Indian reservation where they were born. Kyle can see ghosts that haunt the woods surrounding the village—and they seem to be trying to warn him. The search for their father will lead Kyle and his siblings to the dark heart of the legendary forest, where their mission will quickly become a fight for survival.”

Nice and mysterious, and I really like the use of an abandoned reservation. Sounds like a lot of fun. For more info:

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2 Comments on Are You Prepared for Brian Moreland’s ‘The Devil’s Woods’?

  1. Ah yes..I remember reading ‘The Dead Of Winter,’Mr. Mooreland writes one excellent book…and I believe he does fit into the human race as an actual man …David, This has that nice cold feel to it…icy deadly…cold….one not to be ignored…just me…vitina


  2. Brian has an extended bio on his website,!! He is a great guy and an established author!


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