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Titan Books Delivers an Explosive 2013!


I don’t want to drop endless novel names, as I’ll give away a sizable portion of my Best of 2013 list, but it’s mandatory that praise be issued to Titan Books, who’ve delivered some of the strongest novels of the year. It isn’t uncommon to see one specific brand pump out a number of hits, but it is rare to see one entity produce a number of serious genre defining efforts inside of a single calendar year. We’re talking about special novels. Novels that are going to live on for years to come.

No matter the likelihood of such a situation, Titan managed it in 2013. Stellar offering after stellar offering arrived in my mailbox courtesy of Titan, and for that I’m grateful. This is a company working hard to deliver top notch fiction to hungry fans, and they’ve done it. 2013 has been one amazing year for this company, and that’s got me anticipating big things in 2014. Can they continue to release amazing pieces of fiction? That remains to be seen. But even if the quality of their releases sees decline, no one can deny the near-flawless run of 2013.

If you’re not in the Titan loop, it’s time to work your way into the fold. TB is dropping serious hammers on the world of genre fiction, and I’m still dazed by the repeated blows. To believe you too could be utterly shocked by Titan’s output isn’t a stretch, by any means.

Visit and take a quick gander at some of their releases. It won’t take long to convince you that Titan is a certified go-to for horror fans.

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1 Comment on Titan Books Delivers an Explosive 2013!

  1. I am very aware of some of Titan’s releases…and yes they have been putting them out…a definite must read which I did and will continue to suggest is of course…Joyland, by Mr. King….one journey I loved….Kudos to Titan for their contributions to our reading opportunities….just me…Vitina the old hippie


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