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Tony Richards ‘Under the Ice’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

Every now and then you’ll stumble upon a low-key piece of work that totally and completely stuns you. You know what I’m talking about, those random books that cross your path and seem worthless fodder, fit for… some other hungry mind, willing to embrace mediocre writing. No lie, when I received Tony Richards’ latest, Under the Ice, preconceived notions all but guaranteed a throw away piece of fiction.

Holy Hell was I wrong!

Under the Ice is a stellar tale that brings an assortment of emotions to the forefront of things. It’s impossible to avoid juggling a slew of mysterious angles in this brief tale; each unforeseen twist battering the readers’ expectations. Under the Ice is brilliant, well thought out and perfectly delivered by Tony Richards, who understands the balance that must be upheld between fantasy and reality.

The story sees a trio venture into treacherous waters (this journey is supposedly enjoyable). David’s headed out to see his twin brother, Bobby and his girlfriend Krista, which subsequently leads to the aforementioned bout ride. But things don’t go as planned on their journey. Krista’s boyfriend Bobby falls over the vessel’s edge, never to be seen surface. Interestingly enough, the immediate future sees David essentially replacing Bobby, Krista his new love interest seems to reciprocate the emotions. But one fateful day leads to the purchase of a mysterious artifact which – supposedly – will grant on single wish. David wishes for the return of his brother, but with that inhuman return comes a shocking twist.

Richards has immediately established himself a favorite in my mind. The story boasts numerous layers, fine character examination and a final curveball that’s going to leave readers pleased.

Whether you opt to label this one a revenge tale, a ghost story or a zombie tale, matters not. It’s original, creative, and somehow successfully blends all of the aforementioned classifications, wrapping a plethora of ideas into one, short but respectable novella.

This is an excellent read, and you want to get your hands on it as soon as possible! In fact, order it here!

Rating: 5/5

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3 Comments on Tony Richards ‘Under the Ice’ Review

  1. This sounds like a excellent adventure …Zombie tale and all …looking forward to reading this one…just me..vitina


  2. This sounds like a blast – and so much more. I’m delighted to read such an enthusiastic review. I’m keeping an eye out for this one! 🙂


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