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Philip McCormac ‘Bridge of Blood’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Philip McCormac is author of the Black Hills Westerns, written both under pseudonyms and his own name.  He also self published a teen fantasy called Lance of Light.

Bridge of Blood was an easy to read book, it flowed smoothly. The story opens in Ulster 1641. We have catholic rebels out to rid themselves of the new protestant settlers. The settlers are in church when the rebels arrive; as they try to flee the slaughter begins.  People are being thrown into the river and impaled as they try to escape, men, women, children, no one is spared.  The Reverend seeks out the local priest in hopes to stop the bloodshed; instead he is witness to the banishment of the demon Laldabath.

Fast forward to present day, a young woman Mary and her brother Brian are fishing in the same river where the massacre took place.  They snag a tangled mess and find a goblet in the debris, which they keep. Later Mary who is a nun presents the goblet to her priest, Father Kelly.  Mary has been in counseling with the priest regarding recurring dreams of people trapped under ice in the river. Father Kelly unwittingly unleashes Laldabath who has been contained for the past 350 years.

Throw into the mix; detectives Beryl and Martin who are investigating missing children all connected to St. Bridget’s, where Father Kelly oversees the youth group, Father Hickey, an Irish priest missing in South America and we have several stories going on all involving the unleashed demon.

All in all this was a good read. I felt there were a few loose ends, but nothing to keep me from recommending the book. To find out more about this author visit Greyhart Press.

Order it right here.

Rating: 4/5

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2 Comments on Philip McCormac ‘Bridge of Blood’ Review

  1. This sounds a bit like it offers up a very good chance for a great read…I am curious though about whether the loose ends interfere with the sum total of this story Paula. Any thoughts for me on that ? just me…Vitina


  2. So sorry Vitina, didn’t realize there was a comment made, my bad. I enjoyed the story the few loose ends didn’t really detract from the story. I saw a few other reviews for this book and they weren’t as favorable To each his own!


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