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Limited Signed and Numbered Poster for Our Halloween Anthology is Now Available!

In an attempt to recover some of the funds we’ve invested in recent business dealings, and pay a few of our contributors some hard earned bucks, we’ve got a brand new limited run poster of the upcoming Halloween anthology, One Hellacious Halloween Volume 1 available for purchase. Better even still, is the fact that each poster is signed and numbered by author Danny Melby!

This run is limited to 100 copies, so if you’re a big poster fanatic, or want to guarantee you get your hands on this one, note that time will be limited.

Now we’d love to be able to give these away to all of our contributors (you all deserve it, and more), but the fact of the matter is, we’ve got to put money into this site in order for this site to grow and gain the exposure it (we feel, obviously) deserves. We’re on a roll right now, but without the crew I’ve got contributing, we flatline. Without advertising, convention appearances and sponsorships (I’ve said it recently and I’ll say it again, we’ve got some great news coming your way in the near future!) we fall into that rut of mediocrity. I’ve got to put money in pockets, and I’ve got to pay to put our name in the places it should be, seen by the eyes that should see it.

To make those things happen we have to bring some money in. What better way than a cool modern meets vintage, signed and limited poster of our first Halloween anthology?

If you’re interested in picking one of these up, the cost is $20, and that covers shipping as well. Payments can be made via paypal to Unfortunately, we’re attempting to put a system together over here, and we just haven’t factored in international shipping rates yet. If you’re a hardcore collector overseas, or just simply have to have this for one reason or another (because you love it, we hope!), you can paypal an additional $10 and we’ll get it out to you.

The first wave of packages will ship on November 7th. Subsequent shipments will head out on each Thursday of the week.

Here’s a look at the poster, if you missed it:

Untitled 10 2

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2 Comments on Limited Signed and Numbered Poster for Our Halloween Anthology is Now Available!

  1. Any idea when the antho will be out? 😉


  2. i like this and my order for one is in and paid for…now I just need to patiently wait…just me…Vitina


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