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Richard Laymon ‘The Halloween Mouse’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

While meandering through some random Halloween tales I came across this piece, created by the late, great, Richard Laymon. It’s a very short little story that I would like to think a number of you, our readers, have had the pleasure of absorbing.This was actually released by Cemetery Dance Publications in loving memory of the passing of Mr. Laymon who left this earthly plane, onto his next adventure, in 2001.

For all those who are familiar with Laymon’s earlier works this should come as a pleasant surprise for you. Here is a very short fantasy aimed at people of all ages, children included. A fair change from the bulk of his other works.

Timothy Maywood Usher Mouse has lived in the local library all his life. He hasn’t let the time go to waste either, he’s spent his life reading the books that surround him. These are stories about exciting and thrilling adventures, and soon he finds himself desiring to escape and have a challenging experience for himself. And do just that, he shall.


Our little character will find the world outside his current domain is quite different than his imagination had prepared him for. As the journey gets rolling the brave mouse starts finding the monsters that dwell beyond the library’s walls can be quite frightening. And as he confronts them and learns about the outside world’s challenges, we, the reader, are drawn into many horrific and terrifying ordeals that must be dealt with to survive.

I found this to be a fun little Halloween story. It is only sixteen short but delightful pages, but it’s one that I believe you’ll get a kick out of. Any younger family members wandering about are likely to be thrilled as well. I cannot help but believe that Mr. Laymon took joy in creating this one. Buy it if you can find it. It’s a beauty.

Rating: 5/5

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4 Comments on Richard Laymon ‘The Halloween Mouse’ Review

  1. This sounds wonderful! The premise is so simple yet so clever, and the artwork is lovely. Thanks for featuring it. 🙂


  2. Thank you Lexacain…I thought while not a standard piece it would still be a nice change up …truly a fun one…I hope you enjoy it…as always…just me…vitina


  3. The best stories appear around Halloween time. Thanks for this.


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