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Thomas Rydder ‘Restless Souls’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Thomas Rydder is relatively new to the publishing world.  Restless Souls is his second book and shows that Mr. Rydder is no “one trick pony.”  The three stories are unique and dark.  It’s hard to say which was favored, they are all equally good.

The first story, Do Unto Others is an interesting take on a ghost story.  Jeremy aka the Limey is a petty thief, just looking to score enough for rent and his next high.  When he gets a Rolex from his latest “job” he takes it into a pawn shop, but doesn’t get what he wants for it.  Angry that he had to settle for less, he decides to take revenge against the shop owner. After meticulous planning he’s ready to strike, I guess he never read Matthew 7:12.

In Simona Says we meet a young teen who while still grieving the death of her mother, loses her brother to a rare disorder.  Her father is always away on his job and she is left alone with a stepmother that she resents.  One evening a friend brings over a Ouija board, in hopes of cheering up Simona.  At first Simona is resistant to the Ouija board, but then she does miss her brother.

Lastly there is Colors.  The story begins in 1968, Utah.  Bikers with steel horses warring over territory, ready to make a do or die last stand.  Fast forward 1991, Harrison Street a young businessman out to prove his self.  Harrison just bought a 1966 Harley Electroglide, thrown in with the purchase is an old leather motorcycle jacket still sporting the colors of the previous owner.  This jacket belonged to Duke the leader of Lucifer’s Children.  Duke, who in 1968 made his last stand against The Knights.  Some say when you die violently your spirit can’t move on.  Harrison is about to find out.

Ok so hopefully I have your interest, now put everything aside and hunker down tonight for a brilliant read!  I should mention Mr. Rydder will be donating 25% of his royalties to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  For more info see Thomas Rydder | writer of spooky stuff.

Rating: 5/5

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5 Comments on Thomas Rydder ‘Restless Souls’ Review

  1. Mr. Rydder has obtained my interest here…now to find out where to purchase this one. You can’t beat the price he has posted on his site currently 99 cents is a bargain …just me…vitina


  2. This sounds really interesting. I don’t think I’ve heard of Mr.Rydder before this. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for him now. Thanks for the review. 🙂


  3. Paula, thanks so much for the fantastic review. I’m thrilled to have my first review up, and that it be from you 🙂



  4. Thomas…thank you for the response here..but I am not Joseph…that is my husband….I am Vitina AKA just me ….as always just me and Vitina the old hippie..I use my husbands facebook page …and am also a reviewer here….Paula put up a nice piece on your book…one that has caught my attention…again…thank you and Congratulations on your first review. I suspect you will have many more…just me…Vitina


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