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Dean Koontz ‘From the Corner of His Eye’ Review


Written by: Wayne C. Rogers

This review was originally written for Amazon as a customer review back in January of 2001.  It was one of the first reviews I wrote on my new computer.  I did so under the pseudonym of Christopher Rogers (Christopher is my middle name) because Amazon was about to make some changes in how reviews were posted, and I was against it.  So, I wrote less than a dozen reviews under Christopher Rogers, while voicing my objections and complaints under the name Wayne C. Rogers.  Ultimately, Amazon did not make the changes, and I resumed writing reviews under Wayne C. Rogers’ logo.


I like that word.

It sounds important, doesn’t it?

Anyway, I thought it strange that my first written review was of Dean’s Darkfall back in 1984.  Now, at the beginning of 2001, I’m reviewing another of the author’s novels, one in which marks a subtle, but poignant change in the theme of his stories…a change that has made me even more of a die-hard fan of this remarkable writer.

From the Corner of His Eye is certainly one of the most unusual books Dean Koontz had written up to that point in his career.  Filled with a mixture of evil, love, mysticism, and quantum physics, it has you (the reader) questioning the very fabric of your reality.

The story begins on the day that both Bartholomew Lampion and Angela White are born in different locations of the country. Entering life as the tragedy of death unfolds around each birth; these two children are unknowingly connected to one another in the cycle of life. These are not ordinary kids, but ones who will grow up with an intelligence that far surpasses the genius level, while at the same time possessing powers that could very well change the course of humanity.

On the very day birth is given to these children, a man named Enoch “Junior” Cain decides to take the plunge and to murder his beautiful wife…a wife whom he loves and adores with great passion. You see Enoch is a handsome man with a humorous outlook on life, but he’s also filled with an innate evil that demands sacrifices every so often.

As Enoch begins his slow journey of death and destruction, he becomes aware of a threatening force lingering just beyond the horizon. This is a force that could eventually bring about his downfall. The only thing he knows for sure is that the source of this threat is a man named Bartholomew. He then makes it his life-long goal to find this Bartholomew and to kill him first.

And so, the two children unknowingly find their lives interconnected with that of Enoch Cain. Over a period of years, all three of them will find themselves drawn closer and closer together, until the final outcome of life and death is reached in whatever way destiny has in store for them.

From the Corner of His Eye is a powerful tale of how “goodness” and “evil” are often joined together, each struggling to rise above the other. It’s a story that will have you questioning the theories of parallel universes and our place in them. More so, this novel will demonstrate the belief that all things are interconnected with each other, from the tiniest form of life on this planet to the ever-expanding cosmos. This isn’t the usual type of novel the fans of Mr. Koontz will expect, but one that will ask them think and to question the very nature of life itself. It is a book that will touch your heart and soul in ways unimaginable. I highly recommend this very special book, knowing it will entertain the reader like few other novel Mr. Koontz has written.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5

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