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Nicholas Ryan ‘Ground Zero’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

The story opens aboard a freighter outside of the Baltimore harbor early morning.  Behrouz Asgari an Irani terrorist is preparing himself to be Allah’s final martyr.  Removing a small vial from the heel of his shoe, he uncaps it slowly and then quickly drinks the fatal brew known as the Wrath, an undead plague.  Thus the end of mankind is set in motion.

Arthur Harrigan a retired widower is watching TV when a mid-day news bulletin breaks in.  Baltimore’s hospitals are being inundated with an unexplainable outbreak.  As Arthur watches with horrific fascination, mayhem is breaking out behind the news reporter.  People are being attacked by other people, being eaten.  As the slow realization of what is happening sinks in, Arthur retrieves his gun.  Continuing to watch the carnage on TV his front door suddenly explodes open.  A blood covered man/creature enters and Arthur shoots, he watches in horror as the creature stumbles back a step and then continues forward.  Arthur lifts the gun again, places it on his temple and pulls the trigger.

Jack Cutter an ordinary man with extraordinary circumstances finds himself in the midst of all this chaos, becoming the unlikely savior to a pastor and his daughter.

I know you’re probably thinking “What, another zombie story?”  Well I don’t blame you.  Ever since AMC’s The Walking Dead, the horror genre has been flooded with zombie stories.  Egads!!  I started to read thinking “Here we go again” and ended up thinking “Whoa, what a find!”  This novel is intelligently written, flows seamlessly, and really kept my interest.

This is a novel you can really sink your teeth (no pun intended) into.  I found myself laying out the scenes graphically as I read.  This is so worth the read.  Movie, maybe?

Order it right here.

Rating: 5/5

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