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Peter Giglio ‘Sunfall Manor’ Review


Written by: Tim Meyer

Of all the supernatural entities that fill the pages of my favorite works, ghosts bother me. They unsettle me, make me shift around in my seat uncomfortably. Grease my palms with sweat. Bring forth waves of discomfort to my chest. Call me what you will, but ghosts freak me out, man.

Luckily, the ghost in Peter Giglio’s Sunfall Manor isn’t responsible for keeping me up at night; however, the way the author tells this haunted-house story is.

Edgar is a ghost. He spends the rest of his eternity roaming the hallways of Sunfall Manor, an old farmhouse turned apartment complex harboring some very interesting characters. As he struggles to unlock the mysteries of his past and how he ended up confined to such macabre surroundings, he checks in on five of Sunfall’s inhabitants. Each of the guests are haunted in their own twisted way, and Edgar spends the evening trying to understand and communicate with the apartment’s strange tenants. Ultimately, Edgar catches up to his past and confronts the one responsible for his current situation.

I was really impressed by this novella, and how quickly the author hooked me. There’s no fat here. Just a juicy story ready to be thoroughly enjoyed. Peter Giglio’s writing is sound, and the tale—full of some very dark stuff—unfolds beautifully. The novella’s cover suggests a creepy tone which the writer’s descriptive narrative and Peeping-Tom approach captures masterfully.

If you’re looking for a creative, entertaining short novel you can rip through in one or two sittings, Sunfall Manor should be at the top of your list. The writing is engaging, the story solid and fresh. The author really knows how to keep the reader turning the pages.

Sunfall Manor is looking for tenants. Why not stay for a while? Or forever. Your choice…

Order Sunfall Manor right here.

Rating: 4.5/5

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2 Comments on Peter Giglio ‘Sunfall Manor’ Review

  1. I have a review of this either on Good Reads or Amazon. I thought it was okay. Giglio is a writer with talent, but this short piece is a bit of good and bad. I remember it feeling like three parts: the beginning was wobbly at best, the writing seemed off to me somehow. The middle, with the “Mack” character, was awful, but then the last third of the book is fucking awesome. It felt like maybe Giglio wrote the piece, or worked on it at different stages of his talent.

    I’m probably wrong, it’s probably brilliant, but in spite of it all the good reviews I read, it was just okay. That being said, and thinking Giglio’s other works are probably more like the last third of this book, I will certainly be giving him a shot at redemption very soon.


  2. Tim, Hello Vitina here , having never read anything by Giglio I am thinking a novella like this might well be a good place to start. I will try to get this one added to my to be read pile. Be well and hope to hear from you here again soon. Thanks for this review…as always…just me….


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