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Anthony J. Rapino ‘Soundtrack to the End of the World’ Review


Written by: Randall Stephens

If I had to describe Soundtrack in one word, it would be: fun.  Written by up-and-coming author Anthony J. Rapino, the story follows Marty, an odd and lovable giant who suddenly finds himself surrounded by a series of unusual and frightening events.  When he begins to investigate, he discovers a secret with “world ending possibilities.”

Rapino’s writing style is refreshing and fast-paced, and the story has a little something for everybody.  The character development is first rate, and Rapino captures today’s post-college 20-something male especially well.  The book has more than a few memorable quotes (“Life is literature, and God is the author.”) and quite a few frights.  It isn’t a gore-fest like many Zombie books, but rather a refreshing take on the genre.

What struck me most is how the book never had a dull moment.  From the first page to the last, the story was engaging, if nothing else because of the interest I developed in each of the characters.  Rapino’s highly-readable writing also contributed to this.

At times, the immaturity of a young writer shows through.  The book starts with the line, “The apartment building’s lobby smelled like shit. That’s not a figure of speech, and I don’t mean it smelled like garbage. I mean it smelled like shit.”  Even mediocre writers pour over the opening line of a book for hours, and this line seems like something Rapino came up with over a beer with friends.  One character is actually named “Dr. Pepper.”  But that immaturity is what makes the book fun, and while at times I rolled my eyes, I more often chuckled.  This sense of humor (and Rapino’s compelling writing style) is what makes the book so enjoyable.  And let’s be honest: this is a zombie story, so it was never going to join a set of leather-bound classics.  This book is more of a guilty pleasure.  It will be most appreciated by fans of the Zombie genre who are exhausted with one gore fest after another.

Is this novel going to win any awards? Probably not.  But it is a fun read, with well-developed and relatable characters, a few frights, a few chuckles, and one hell of a story line.  I give it four out of five stars.

Who Will Like This Book: Zombie Aficionados; 20- and 30-Something Fans of the Horror Genre. Pick it up here.

Rating: 4/5

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6 Comments on Anthony J. Rapino ‘Soundtrack to the End of the World’ Review

  1. I knew you’d enjoy this book, Matt. I agree: “Fun” is a great word to describe the book. What I really enjoyed most was the metaphysical approach to the zombie apocalypse. That aspect of the plot is what elevated this book beyond just another zombie story, and it’s that sort of marriage of atypical themes that leads me to eagerly anticipate Mr. Rapino’s next release.


  2. From what I have read here by Anthony I have absolutely no trouble finding this to be a fun read…and the quote that was chosen by you is outstanding …”Life is literature God Is the Author,” is a great one….sounds like a crazy read and I do not fit into the suggest crowd for the age range by a long shot….just me..vitina


  3. Something about the cover is drawing me in like a magnet.


  4. Hunter, Have you read any of the things Anthony has posted here ? He is crazy fun…I have no problems seeing him start off a story the way Randell mentioned in this review. I am not a Zombie fan at all but the idea of this one draws me into it…needs to be on my tbr list…like I don’t have an abundance of those…always something new coming to me…as always…just me…vitina the old hippie


  5. Tony is a safe bet, all the way.


  6. Excellent review and a nice nom-de-plume, Mr K. How’s the boat-scrubbing coming along? Heh-heh…


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