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Thomas Brown ‘Lynnwood’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

She knew such creatures were fancy. There were no spirits. No demons, only people with famished features and the insatiable cold. Still she scoured the Forest. In her wakening world of half-chewed magpies and enduring frost and long, sleepless nights, it was all she could do.

Freya – An excerpt from Lynnwood

This book is going to journey through a forest filled with deep dark secrets that wind through time, and a village named Lynnwood. A place where visitors frequent and find themselves drawn into the loveliness and charm. That is until the winter comes calling and the tree filled forest begins to share it’s secrets.

For a brief time let me introduce you to Freya, she is our main character throughout this tale. A woman conflicted with her own emerging dark desires, while trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy. She has two children to raise, yet she is beginning to feel an unnatural pull towards anything but the norm. Strange urges are drawing her into a changing that she doesn’t understand but are nonetheless very strong and very real.

There are quite a plethora of characters that share these pages, some alive and functioning and others that are very vivid memories. A number of these recollections help to explain what is going on within her life. There is something happening in this once idyllic community as the winter draws nearer and a number of people are starting to go missing. Her own children, George and Lizzie begin to adapt and alter their lives to survive not only the altered behavior of Freya, but the foreign differences that have made Lynnwood so peculiar. The Forest is a definite character here. An aesthetically pleasing surrounding to this once peaceful village, the woods have brought something else to life and it’s a centuries old problem. One that has an alluring stench of blood and hunger that defines the hunter from the prey.

This is a chilling read, the impact doesn’t rely so much on gore or horrific scenes but rather a steady build up to a somewhat rewarding final conclusion and subsequent resolution. I did enjoy this book and Thomas Brown has an ability to tell a fine story, but in the case of this one his desire to be so overly descriptive proves to be a bit tedious. There’s a smooth story that really begins to lure the reader in, but as the fluidity sets in, Brown will suddenly launch back into excessive descriptions of ‘The Forest’. From the very beginning the reader is aware of just how wrong things really are around Lynnwood, Brown ensures that and we’re introduced to the heart of that problem early and effectively. But the continually disproportionate descriptive work proves to be just too overwhelming at times. It left me juggling a mental dilemma: there’s a quality tale here, but it’s beaten into the ground due to repetition and unnecessary reiteration.

Would I recommend this book to you? Yes, with time and more practice Mr. Brown could very well prove to be a powerful name in the literary world. I certainly would enjoy seeing him succeed in doing just that.

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Rating: 2.5/5

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4 Comments on Thomas Brown ‘Lynnwood’ Review

  1. I enjoyed reading the review. The emphasis on atmosphere and narrator’s voice came through in both excerpt and review. I understood the pros and cons you pointed out and appreciate your candor. Great review! 🙂


  2. Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book, I’m very grateful.


  3. Thank you Lexacain…I am glad to see you enjoyed my review….just me….vitina


  4. Thomas Brown …it was my pleasure to read your book and you offer up so much within it’s pages. The story itself has so much to enjoy. I only had the issues with the story that I covered in the review. I really do hope to see more of your work in the future.So much potential exists with you. Keep on doing what you do and you are welcome for the review. Thank you for acknowledging my part here….as always…just me…vitina


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