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S.P. Miskowski ‘Astoria’ Review

Astoria Cover

Written by: Curtis Dewar

“Astoria” by S.P. Miskowski, is a very strange yet fascinating book. To my understanding the novella is linked to another novel and novella that Miskowski has written, however don’t let that deter you from reading this book.  While I’m sure that reading the previous books would make the Novella make more sense, I still found the book quite creepy and enjoyable.

The book focuses on Ethel and what happens when she runs away from her husband after their daughter Connie Sara dies. Connie Sara is cruel and Ethel has always been blamed by others for her daughter being not quite right, to put it mildly.

Relieved by her daughter’s death, Ethel takes off from her husband and from that point forward we realize that something is not quite right with Ethel. She sees strange people who look like her and there are flashbacks to early childhood. Soon, Ethel replies to an ad for a house sitter and there things take an even stranger turn.

While just a short read, I found “Astoria” to be quite well written. Ethel is an interesting subject who is at times sympathetic and deplorable at the same time.

And, although much of the book would probably be better understood in the context of the author’s other works, “Asotria” is nevertheless a creepy and satisfying read.

Order Astoria right here.

Rating: 3/5

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1 Comment on S.P. Miskowski ‘Astoria’ Review

  1. A new voice here…seems as though this could prove to be worth a read…but there is something about it that feels familiar…I don’t know why at this point….it just does….Vitina


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