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Michael Faun ‘Six Pack o’ Strange Tales’ Review


Written by: Matt Molgaard

What makes Michael Faun unique is his refusal to draw lines in the sand. There are no boundaries for this gentleman. If an outlandish concept wriggles its way into this man’s imagination, he’s not afraid to take that idea and transform it into a quality tale. And, speaking of quality work, Faun’s Six Pack o’ Strange Tales is loaded with the absurd, eerie and downright awesome. This is a collection that boasts a little something for everyone.

Among the standout efforts in Six Pack are The Deconstruction of Dreamcatching Henry, which tells of a drifting musician who’s about to enter into a series of profoundly unorthodox circumstances. The Babbitt Farm is another gem that should remind any potential landowner that research is crucial; you just don’t want to purchase the wrong piece of real estate, it could prove to be a life threatening deal. Meanwhile The King’s Collection drops readers in a fantastical world… with a nifty twist.

These are but a few of my personal favorites from this brief collection. The truth is, Faun’s diverse, wildly imaginative and a true storyteller by heart. Having cruised through this book it’s easy to imagine Michael tackling any conceivable subject. The man’s prose is unique to the efforts of your typical author, and that distinctive trait sets him apart from the vast majority of writers pumping out quality works today.

Given the condensed package we’re dealing with (I could have easily welcomed an additional 10 stories), it’s hard to find a single miss in this glorious mess of creativity. Faun’s understanding of limitations, and subsequent disregard for those limitations is beautiful and sure to leave readers craving more insanity. Six Pack o’ Strange Tales is an infectious book that grabs the idea of boredom, or mundane reading, and completely squashes it, instead offering up outrageous narratives that keep the mind’s eye spinning in delighted confusion.

Grab the book here, it’s well worth it!

Rating: 4/5

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1 Comment on Michael Faun ‘Six Pack o’ Strange Tales’ Review

  1. Having read other work by Michael Faun I am going to believe this collection of stories is all that the review here says it is….looking forward to this…just me…..vitina


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