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Anthology ‘Bleed Edited by Lori Michelle’ Review


Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Horror, what is it?  What defines it?  Is it the things that go bump in the night, the ghosts that go BOO?  Or, is it that deep down psychological fear of what’s to come.  For some maybe horror is the deep dreaded realization that you can no longer pay your bills, afford your lifestyle.  Others face the horror of a child missing, a loved one murdered.  There are so many ways one can define horror, but one definition of horror that I think we can agree on is CANCER.  Hearing the words “It’s cancer” strikes deep in the soul, automatically you think DEATH!

The collection starts with Lori Michelle’s touching essay True Horror.  No parent should ever face the horror of a child diagnosed with cancer.  How horrific it must be to put on that brave front while your heart is breaking.

In The Addition by Bentley Little the metaphor is not lost.  Like an unwanted growth suddenly it’s there without explanation.  That’s what Cindy is facing when a construction crew shows up one morning to add an addition to her home.  No one can tell her who ordered the job nor can she cancel the job.  A week later the addition is completed, now Cindy and her husband are left with the age old question “Why us?”

A creepy little tale of false hope offered, can be found in A Billion Monstrosities by Mort Castle.

No Limit by Peter Giglio and S.S. Michaels.  Orson the grifter thinks it’s his lucky day when he comes home with a big payout and a lucky cat, Mr. Twinkles,  Little does he know his horror just started.

The battle lines are drawn in Get the Cell Outta Here by Marion Brooks who is a cancer survivor herself.

There are 45 stories, essays, and poems included in this collection.  All are fantastic reads, none are disappointing.  Some of these stories you may recognize from past publications but they are still as telling today as they were then.

Pick this one up right here, sales benefit The National Children’s Cancer Society.

Rating: 5/5

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2 Comments on Anthology ‘Bleed Edited by Lori Michelle’ Review

  1. Paula a review that promises some interesting reads…while dealing with the horror of a very real life problem Cancer …I hope this book pulls the attention it sounds like it deserves…just me…the old hippie…Vitina


  2. Thank you. I do hope the review generates sales, after all it is a worthy cause!


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