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Robert Kirkman, the Man Who Revived the Zombie Subgenre


I recently wrote a piece about Robert Kirkman and his revival of the zombie subgenre. This article went up on, but it’s certainly a piece that should resonate with HNR readers. Therefore, I certainly wanted to share this with you all.

Check out a quick excerpt from the article before you head over and read this beast in it’s entirety!

Despite these factors, Robert Kirkman’s brainchild, The Walking Dead has found a way to not only survive in society, but to genuinely thrive. Most will remember that the now ultra-popular Image Comics effort didn’t spring from the gate an immediate fan favorite. It took time for Kirkman’s ongoing comic to catch on with readers. But catch on it did, in a major, major way. The Walking Dead eventually inspired fans to follow the undead religiously and that resulted in a small screen adaptation from AMC. It also inspired damn near every indie filmmaker with a few friends to try their hand at “filmmaking”. But aspiring filmmakers weren’t the only ones who caught the new zombie flu floating in the air with the pollen. Novelists around the globe caught the virus, and suddenly zombies went from struggling shells to the new “it” thing once more, in multiple mediums.

Again, this is a piece you don’t want to miss (especially from me: a guy who absolutely loathes zombie fare). Check the full article out right here!

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2 Comments on Robert Kirkman, the Man Who Revived the Zombie Subgenre

  1. Actually. The man who revived the zombie subgenre is Brian Keene with his famous Novel “The Rising” In which Robert Kirkman based his series “The walking dead” on.
    How do I know this? I am currently studying Brian Keene and I previously studied Mr. Robert Kirkman. I just wanted to give credit to Brian Keene, the father of Zombie fiction, for bringing the subgenre back, more so, Robert Kirkman I give him amazing credit for writing his awesome series The walking dead.


    • In that case I’d consider Keene to be a big influence in the process, however NOT the man to revive the zombie subgenre. That was clearly Kirkman. There’s a reason Kirkman has become a household name, even with non genre followers, where as Keene has not. Not that Keene isn’t awesome, or lacks fans. He’s got a loyal following and he deserves it to the fullest – TALENTED guy! But he didn’t revive the zombie subgenre.


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