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Barbara Parks ‘Embracing The Spirits: True Stories of My Encounters with the Other Side’ Review


Written by: Drake Morgan

If you love a good ghost story like I do, this is definitely one for you. Parks delves into the real world of the things that go bump in the night. In her introduction, she talks about her extensive experience with the spirit world. She describes the spirit world as “rarely malevolent,” and so unlike our fiction phantoms. She briefly describes her struggle with her clairvoyant abilities, and the necessity for each of us to open our minds to the greater possibilities out there.

The book is divided into chapters with each one dedicated to a single entity. Most have specific names, but the first chapter is simply “Night of the Poltergeist.” In it, she talks about the frighteningly unpredictable nature of these pesky spirits. There’s an incredibly creepy description of a house that would make Henry James proud it’s so haunted. There are a lot of wonderful details about paranormal experiences, real life ghost hunting, and quite a few just unexplained creepy events. Her ghostly encounters run the gamut from children (cold spots and all), to dead actors in a haunted theater.

If you love fictitious ghost stories, this is a fantastic dip into the real world side of the paranormal. For the true ghost hunter fans out there, Parks delivers time and time again. Her descriptions will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck and goosebumps crawl down your arm. Something for a roaring fire around Halloween to give you a scare.

You can pre-order this one right here.

Rating: 5/5

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1 Comment on Barbara Parks ‘Embracing The Spirits: True Stories of My Encounters with the Other Side’ Review

  1. Being a believer in Christianity does not put me off in the interest of this book. The supernatural world is real and what some may label as ghosts I tend to recognise as demons or lesser spirits. I too have lived in an old Victorian home at one time in my life. The misery that existed within those walls was overwhelming. I always felt that the house itself had absorbed so much evil, grief and misery that it was the home of many different entities. For myself it was not a place I could continue to live in and lasted less than a year there. So yes I can understand how this book could be quite a good read for those who share an interest in the paranormal and spirits. They are all to real…as always…vitina


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