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Joe R. Lansdale’s Got a New Project on the Way!

While piecing together daily news for, I stumbled upon a little something that I knew would strike a chord with our readers here at HNR. Dig on a few details below before heading over to BHM to get the entire scoop!


If you’re not up on the work of the genius Joe R. Lansdale, you’re missing something truly amazing. The man boasts one of the most outlandish imaginations today, and he whips up some infectious stories. Remember Bubba Ho-Tep? How about the amazing Masters of Horror installment, Incident on and Off a Mountain Road? Perhaps these films don’t ring a bell, but novels like “The Drive-In”, “Edge of Dark Water” or “Leather Maiden” do?

Read on for the full breakdown on Christmas with the Dead!

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2 Comments on Joe R. Lansdale’s Got a New Project on the Way!

  1. As a fan of Lansdales wild and demented stories …I can’t help but wonder how this one will turn out. Thanks for the information…just me …the old Hippie…vitina


  2. Wow! Didnt know this was going on. I literally reviewed this story on my site like 3 weeks ago! Gomna have to buy it now.


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