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Hunter Shea ‘Swamp Monster Massacre’ Review


Written by: Tim Meyer

Deep in the overgrown swamps of Florida, where humans rarely dare to enter, lives a race of creatures long thought to be only the stuff of legend…

B-horror movie fans rejoice, Hunter Shea is here to bring you the ultimate tale of terror!

Rooster has done terrible things. He’s killed a drug lord and now he’s on the run from merciless drug dealers who want to turn him into gator food. While on the run, he commandeers a tour boat scheduled to take a colorful cast of characters on a relaxing ride through the swamps of Florida. Only, things go wrong. Very wrong. The group tries to sabotage Rooster’s escape plans, and they end up colliding with a furry, ape-like creature. Shipwrecked in the middle of nowhere, the survivors discover that they’re not alone. There are beasts among them. And they are pissed…

Hunter Shea’s novella is a great read that can be devoured in one sitting. It’s phenomenally paced, has great characters, and even better villains. The Skunk Apes (Bigfoot’s swampy cousin) are vicious creatures, hellbent on destroying the swamp’s intruders (or are they?). The way Shea introduces them to an unsuspecting audience is utterly fantastic. I tore through the story with the same anticipation as the eight-year old version of myself used to rip through R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps.

Hunter Shea’s prose is a rare treat, and refreshingly original. If it weren’t for his unique style, this novella might not have had the same effect on me. Since it’s reasonably priced, I highly recommend picking up the digital version today, especially if you’re craving an old-school creature-feature that has excessive gore and a few comedic breaks.

Overall, Swamp Monster Massacre reads like a late-night monster movie, impossible to change the channel.

Order Swamp Monster Massacre right here.

Rating: 4.5/5

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