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Joe Hempel Walks Us Through Episode One of Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’


Written by: Joe Hempel

Under the Dome – Episode One

Executive Producer Stephen King

I read this book when it first came out, and while I had mixed feelings about the book once completed, I was really excited to see that there was a series coming out.

After the first episode, I’ve got mixed emotions.

To start the scene there is a HUGE deviation from the book with Dale “Barbie” Barbara.  There should be some explanation in the future regarding this, or his character is completely different from the book regarding motivations.  I’m not sure how I feel about that because he is the hero of the book, and in the book he was your a-typical, do no wrong, protect the people hero.

There is always some change between the original source and the broadcast results and this is no different.  However, such a huge departure in character may write the show off for me if something doesn’t come to light regarding this.

This first episode sets the scene, the dome coming down.  Nobody knows where it came from, what it is, or what to do about it.  People are panicked, with good reason, and the true colors of people in the town are starting to come out.

The episode does a good job of making sure everybody knows the gravity of the situation.  Power is down, no radio or TV transmissions are coming through, and no contact with loved ones outside this “dome” are able to me made.

Acting is solid, and the music is taught with suspense.  Despite knowing exactly where this is ultimately going, I’m interested to see what they do with the new direction they set up Barbie (who is a heck of a lot younger than I thought he would be) with, and how the extra characters that were added into this series interact with the other main characters from the book.

I just hope they don’t go too off the rails with their characterizations, Barbie, Big Jim, and Rose are three of the best characters that King had to offer in the past 10 years.

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7 Comments on Joe Hempel Walks Us Through Episode One of Stephen King’s ‘Under the Dome’

  1. Not having read the book I can’t really speak much on the changes but from past experience I know that often changes in characters are made and personalities are combined. Do I like it when they happen ? No but when it comes to Kings work transferring over to the screen it does not surprise me. I will make mention that King himself put out a response to the reaction to the television program that was a pretty good answer to all of those who wondered or had expressed displeasure about them .He posted that yesterday and it is actually interesting to read. …just me…vitina


    • I will have to read that! While upset a bit about the characterization of Barbie at the outset, I’m looking forward to how the series progresses. If the masses didn’t have such a knee jerk reaction, I think they’ll see an explanation in the future.


  2. FH7 Productions // June 29, 2013 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    King’s movies and books are often not the same thing at all. Pet Cemetery really disappointed me when it was pretty much nothing like the books. The Stand and It were also wildly not like the books.


  3. He is very good at doing the combination of characters , which is upsetting but none the less it is not something that has not been done before. I think it still should be worth watching if we can set aside the expectation of a having it be exactly what the book is. Something else to keep in mind ,,,Joe did you have the opportunity to read his ‘letter’ ? just me…vitina


  4. I agree, they are both not the same and are the same and he does it very well. I’ll be clear here, and say that I’m not reviewing the show and comparing it to the book. I’m one that knows they are two different identities, and the way they are presented HAS to be different to work in the different medias. I’m hoping that maybe towards the end, there is a better explanation than in the book. That’s one change I’m HOPING for!

    The reviews will be based on the TV show, with a bit of a reference to the book as it’s impossible to not do that.

    Vitina, I did finally read the letter, just now. It was a really good letter, and I agree with him 100%


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