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Joe Hempel Chats with Best Selling Author Tim Lebbon

HNR contributor Joe Hempel keeps himself busy covering tons of fiction. He doesn’t just write for us see, he’s got his own site, and he’s putting in some great work to ensure he takes his brand to the next level. Top of the Heap Reviews is a quality outlet, clean, simple and quite effective. Joe’s really doing some good things over there, including interviewing top notch talents.

In fact, Top of the Heap has a killer new interview with best-selling author Tim Lebbon that just went live. Lebbon is a significant player in the genre these days, pumping out a wealth of high quality works (his novelizations of 30 Days of Night and The Cabin in the Woods are flat out awesome, as are Desolation, The Thief of Broken Toys and Echo City, to name but a few). If you’re a fan of Lebbon’s work, or just out to read some insightful thoughts from a brilliant mind, you’ve got to check out the interview ASAP.

Here’s a quick excerpt. Be sure to check out the interview in its entirety right here.


Today we are able to sit down with an incredible author and guy that has written New York Times Bestsellers and many more stories of the macabre!  His latest stories include the newest into the Star Wars universe, exploring the very early days, called Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi – Into the Void, and Reaper’s Legacy, book 2 into the Toxic City book series!

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to answer some questions for us!

1.)  Let’s start at the beginning.  How difficult was it for you to break into the writing scene and get published?

It took a while, but by the time my first story was accepted (by Peeping Tom magazine) when I was about 24 I’d already been writing for ten years or more.  Every year from then on seemed to get better, with more acceptances, more stories appearing, more people getting to know my name.  With that came invites into larger anthologies, then mainstream publishing deals, movie options, and commissions.  A very gradual process––I’m not one of those who just blasted onto the scene.  And in truth there aren’t many of them, most ‘new writers’ you hear about have been working hard at their craft for ten, twenty years before they start to get known.  It’s a long hard road sometimes, but when it’s doing something you love it doesn’t seem quite so hard.

Again, check this one out right here, this is a damn fine interview!

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  1. Thanks so much for the press!!! I hope your readers head over there and enjoy it!


  2. anything we can do to help brother!


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