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David L. Day ‘Tearstone’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

“She backed away. She had never seen the sheriff act this way before. Was he catching crazy too? Was there something drifting through the town, some invisible malignancy touching people? Or something in the water? Maybe she should go home and curl up, hide out like the rest of the town, and wait for whatever storm brewed on the horizon to blow over.”
– Tearstone

On the surface Tearstone appears to be a simple prodigal son returns home story, but this one takes a darker turn soon after our protagonist makes his way back to his once departed hometown. Tom he has left his home in Washington Heights, a small town in Southeastern Ohio,ten years ago . Now he has returned home to deal with his embittered brother Kyle after receiving notification of his Fathers apparent suicide. The relationship between these two is strained to say the very least. This is a family that has deep rooted secrets that overwhelm them with guilt and regrets.Tom being the older son has been left with his Fathers belongings, an aging house and a few other items. One of these items is a stone that appears to be an ancient artifact. This is a relic that comes with a name – ‘Tearstone’ – and an unexpected power. It is from this stone that life begins to change for everyone in this little community as the people begin to unravel and find themselves face to face with their own personal demons.

We have already met Tom and made mention of his brother Kyle but this book has a wealth of other relevant personalities. I’ve already referenced the Tearstone, but it should be said, it’s almost necessary to consider it a character within this tale, as it unleashes palpable powers that bring about evil that impact the lives of every person within these pages. Lewis, the late father to Tom and Kyle may never actually breathe in real time, but he is – to an extent – the catalyst of evil, and therefore definitely worthy of mention. Cassy, a young woman once romantically involved with Tom, is now a Deputy Sheriff investigating the circumstances of Lewis’s death. Not everything about her is as it appears to be, and readers should beware. Next comes Shane, a young sociopathic teenager with murder on his mind, and finally, I’ve got to mention the mysterious old man who suddenly becomes a member of this community. There’s something very different about this character, but you’ll need to crack this one to learn more.

Tearstone has a deep dark feel to it that delves into various levels of mysticism and other forms of magic. But it goes further into underlying levels of religious beliefs. Do not make the mistake of feeling the need to find blatant activity in these areas. They are pretty much subtly woven throughout the novel. Personally I do not have a problem with that, but was somewhat surprised by how some of these references were introduced. This is Day’s first novel and it is a well crafted story. Readers are able to feel a compassion for the characters and that is (obviously) always a good thing. I found the manner which each personality is brought to life to be a novel part of his character’s development. While finding this to be a good read I do have a few issues with how the story comes to its final conclusion. It felt as though the novel… didn’t quite hit fruition; there was something missing in the grand culmination of events. There were questions that, had they been answered, would have lent to a more satisfying package as a whole.

That being said I found this novel worth the time invested. While not exactly a perfect piece of fiction, I’m definitely comfortable in recommending it to you. Tearstone earns a 3.5 from me; solid piece of work that had a few issues but ultimately proves rewarding.

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Rating: 3.5/5

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2 Comments on David L. Day ‘Tearstone’ Review

  1. Sounds like it could be an interesting read! Thanks for the review


  2. Thank you Joe for your comment . This is book while not a perfect book offers up promise .just me….vitina


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