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Jonathan Janz ‘Savage Species Part Two: The Children’ Review


Written by: Joe Hempel

After reading the first installment I was on the hook for the rest of the series.  The lead characters, the mystery of these vile creatures, the pacing and the writing were all done very well.  My problem was that I couldn’t wait until the 18th of June for it to drop!  Thanks to Jonathan Janz’s generosity however, I was able to read the next installment before its release.

The Children picks up exactly where part one left off, so if you’ve not read that one yet, this review could spoil portions of that part.  READER BEWARE.

Continuing on from the cliffhanger ending of part one the story moves at a pace that’s akin to a big budget blockbuster thriller.  For about the first twenty-five percent of the book you have crazy car chases, bloody action, and enough panic stricken moments to give you chills.

Through this though, you get to witness the evolution of certain characters, Jesse being the one brought into the spot light a bit more while trying to find Emma after she disappeared with Marc Greely earlier in the evening.  He is able to really build the suspense and action without forgetting to build the characters.  From building heroes, to building the characters you despise from this group, it’s all fluid and natural, and even surprising.  That is a trait that is very hard to come by in an author.

The only nit-picky thing I have with this group of characters is the conversation regarding push-up bras and why someone needed them etc, while dealing with Frank Red Elk.  While it’s probably something that he would bring up based on his character it just seemed out of place here due to the gravity of the situation at hand.  I won’t say any more about this section because really the entire thing with Colleen, Jesse, Emma, and the rest of the park crew that’s left should be experienced.

With all the excitement of the above group, he didn’t forget about Charly and Eric Florence.  The pacing of this portion is a bit different than with the group at the park.  He really takes the time to build the characters, and the tension, both romantic, and violent.  They are flawlessly interwoven.

Sam and Charly are trying to find where her son was taken to, while Eric is more concerned with the fact that she is with Sam rather than what’s going on with his son.  Eric is truly a despicable character and Jonathan gets this point across very well.  Not in so much as how he acts towards Sam and Charly, but with his inner dialogue.  It’s like stepping into his shoes, looking into a mirror with his eyes, and reading his inner thoughts.  It was very, very well done.

Of course with this being only second installment, you have lots of questions unanswered, and I’m still trying to figure out who Frank Red Elk, how he knew about The Children,  and if his role will play a much bigger part in the story.

The Bottom Line:  I’ve got to wait again??  Well, here *goes to amazon, clicks pre-order on the remaining installments* take my money already!  *makes it rain*

I’ll get pleasant surprises every couple weeks when these things drop on to my kindle.  Jonathan Janz, way to keep me invested in the story.  While the violence is high and the scene with one of The Children getting his dick cut off was quite disgusting, this portion made me actually care about the characters more than I did the first time around.  I’m invested in the mystery and I’m invested in the well-being of the characters.

Go buy it already!! June 18th people, don’t miss it!

Rating: 5/5

About the author: About the author: Check Joe out at Top of the Heap Reviews

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9 Comments on Jonathan Janz ‘Savage Species Part Two: The Children’ Review

  1. Another interesting review here as we are being drawn into the storyline…Good job Joe….just me…Vitina


  2. Reblogged this on Jonathan Janz and commented:
    The first review of Savage Species, Part Two: The Children just went live. And it’s a rave! 🙂


  3. I’m glad we’re able to help make a little noise Jonathan – the goal is to sell books!


  4. Thanks Jonathan! Look forward to the 3rd installment…..waiting impatiently….


  5. Vitina here …I always hear Patience …patience …patience …when I want to read the next story…Generous of you to maybe send the third installment to Joe …I know he is salivating for it …ha ha ha…enjoy his reviews and the promise of what you will create next Jonathan…so keep up the excellent work both of you…as always …just me…Vitina aka the old hippie


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