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You Can Help Fund the Release of HNR’s First Anthology, By Pre-Ordering a Copy!


I’m going to be completely candid here. It’s going to cost me $2,000 to publish HNR’s first anthology. I won’t lie and say that’s completely out of my budget. However, I will tell you this: The money I’m going to spend to see this anthology released is coming directly out of my savings. And… my wife aims to have two testes on a platter for this frivolous investment. But I believe in the authors involved. And I believe in the fans anxious to read this new anthology.

HORRORNOVELREVIEWS.COM PRESENTS: THERE ARE MONSTERS EVERYWHERE will be released (hopefully in the next few months, but that depends entirely on the technical process). I love this project, and I’m willing to invest fully in the project. The fans deserve to see it released, the authors deserve to see it released, and damn it, so do I! In fact, I should probably take a brief moment to let you know that the ball is rolling full speed. Professional editing is currently underway. Graphic design begins in days. Formatting will follow.

Here’s the deal… while I’m definitely willing to bite the financial bullet on this one, some pre-orders and or donations would save my tail and make home life a little easier (lol). So, if you’re a supporter of this site, or you’d intended on ordering a copy of the book regardless, I implore you: Make a pre-order now.

The physical copy of the book goes for $11, and you can order by transferring to the paypal link below (donations are also optional).

One way or another, we’ll be dropping our first collection on the masses soon!

Again, if you want to place a pre-order, send $11 to the paypal address below. If you’re up to donate to a good cause, all donations can be made to the same paypal address!



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6 Comments on You Can Help Fund the Release of HNR’s First Anthology, By Pre-Ordering a Copy!

  1. I just bought a new house, but I reposted this on our facebook, and twitter.


  2. Have you checked out It’s a great way to fund projects like this. Oh, and I’m totally pre-ordering a copy!


  3. Could you make the instructions on how to pre-order a bit more clear? All you have is a paypal address, unless there’s something I can’t see here.


    • Isaac – the goal is simple: those who wish to pre-order can send $11 (more if they’re game for donation) to the paypal address above. That guarantees them a copy of the novel upon my receiving the shipment. Every author featured gets a copy of their own as it is, regardless of pre-orders. I’m hoping the authors involved might spread the word to their friends/family though, so I can get some pre-order money in and my financial ship isn’t instantly sunk (it’s easier to climb out of the hole when it’s five feet deep rather than six lol). The money is there to cover everything, and I’m going to do that (I need this, for myself and a sense of accomplishment, but I also need to come out making a strong first impression on the publication end of things) – but some money coming in from investors/pre-orders will just ease a whole lot of the stress that comes with dropping a sizable chunk of change in one fell swoop. Hope I cleared that up 🙂


  4. great to see some pre-orders coming in. Keep them rolling, we’re marching forward guys and gals!


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