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Marshall Moore ‘The Infernal Republic’ Review

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Written by: Vitina Molgaard

Having never before read Mr. Moore’s work, I was uncertain of what to anticipate. I was overjoyed with what I found within the pages of The Infernal Republic. Included are seventeen short stories that are delightfully sinister and dark.

It is my desire to tempt and tease you with a sampling of a number of Moore’s tales here.

We begin with one tale named, Marble Forest, Karstic Heart. This first adventure starts with a well-traveled man named Robert Rivenbark who, while on Airbus A340, finds himself fascinated by a fellow passenger. A young man named Jason captures his attention by simply being someone that seems familiar to him. Jason is uncomfortable due to a fear of flying and this sparks up a conversation between the two. This young man lives with a secret that keeps him quite literally awake twenty four hours a day, always on the move. While we learn about his fate many things occur that will be a good reminder to never be involved in deal-making with the Devil.

Along to our next read, 215… A sentient house in San Francisco begins to awaken to the world around it. In doing so our once peaceful home becomes one Hell of a place to reside. 215 is alive, and has some fantastic twists and desires all her own as she comes to realize just who and what she needs to ensure peace will once again be restored. In, In Springtime, You Can Hear the Swallows Screaming, we meet Dahlia. She is the main character who finds herself in a very unusual rehab center, where the apparent purpose is to bring an extremely clear understanding of the error of her ways to light. To say unusual methods are used here is a major understatement as this young woman fights to understand what she needs to do in order to resolve her issues, while her tormenters attempt to make their intentions known. Finally, we get to Metropolitan, in which we meet a man with a strange habit and a deep desire to deal with his own mortality. Following this narrative we discover a stalker who shares similarities and a certain knowledge of where our focal player is headed. Their paths crossing can only lead to death and destruction.

There are so many other great stories here that I could easily continue discussing them, but that is not what I am going to do. Instead I’ll truncate things and tell it as it is. Marshall Moore is a name you will want to remember. He creates dark, twisted tales that leave you pondering what we take for granted as the norm. This book is not about vampires or zombies but rather about the monsters that walk on two feet in the guise of ‘normal’ human beings.

Pick up this book and read it. Savor the stories I mentioned and discover those I left for you to travel through on your own. I do not believe you will be disappointed, in the slightest.

Order The Infernal Republic here.

Rating: 4/5

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