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Linda Addison and Stephen M. Wilson ‘Dark Duet’ Illustrated by Jill Bauman Review


Written by: Drake Morgan

In the introduction to Dark Duets, we are reminded that a duet is not only two in accompaniment, but also a conflict “engaged in an attempt to resolve itself through harmony.” The poems in this collection reflect this definition far better than the common perception. The works here are menacing, mesmerizing, challenging, and difficult. In other words, exactly what poetry was meant to be.

Addison and Wilson work well in conflict. Each line is a challenge to the next. A dare. A temptation. Lead me there, but I will not go quietly. Questions elude my lips/ of love and death remind us that seemingly incongruous things are united in our unknowing of their very essence. Even the structure of many of the poems reflects a fractured world full of more questions than answers. Using the modernist approach to poetry in both lyrical structure and form, Addison and Wilson have created a work of dark wonder. Heavily illustrated, the images draw forth elements from the poems without giving away their secrets. Compliments to the work, but not solutions to the dark shadows.

Dark Duets is that rare breed of modern poetry that taps into the Gothic spirit of Byron, Shelley, and their ilk, yet sits firmly in the driver’s seat of modernism. A rare and accomplished achievement.

Grab your copy right here.

Rating: 5/5

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1 Comment on Linda Addison and Stephen M. Wilson ‘Dark Duet’ Illustrated by Jill Bauman Review

  1. Nicely done review…Poetry is an old friend of mine…I believe I may find this in my hands….as always….just me…Vitina


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