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Leland Pitts-Gonzalez ‘The Blood Poetry’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

“How does terror taste? It tastes like a 9-volt battery. The sting to the tongue is incongruous with godly joy, but not pleasure. Pleasure is a complicated toy with which the human brain grapples.”- The Blood Poetry

Let me introduce you to Epstein, a man lost in a dark dingy world. Sometimes he lives peacefully in a somewhat near-normal existence, but the majority of his time that’s definitely not where he resides. Epstein spends most of his life dwelling deep within his own perverted mind. It would be fair to state that even he knows how despicable most everything that surrounds around him truly is. Once a man of some stature as a professor, his imagination has left him in a overtly perverse place. How could one battling the love/hate relationship he has with his Mother and her nasty taste for certain disgustingly gruesome proclivities leave him to be anything less than a lost soul? Especially while maintaining a balancing act of trying to protect his beloved teenage daughter from finding out the truth about her families terrible lineage and even from himself.

Ultimately, Epstein – a strange man torn between his own personal demons, depression, guilt and an obsessive lust filled mind – is actually our protagonist. Another character to be dealt with within this tale is Mother, who is most definitely a disgusting “almost human” creature. Her needs and desires have polluted the very essence of whatever this family might once have been. Mother is most definitely our antagonist within this tale. Sylvia the young daughter is an innocent trapped by her family’s lascivious actions. Such a perfect victim for those with little or no conscience regarding other lives. I would be remiss not to mention Mr Applebaum, who while we spend little time with him, is the actual force that invokes the troubles that now inhabit this household. There are most certainly others who wander through this tale that need not be mentioned.Yet there is one remaining character that must be brought to light: we need to know about Jessica. A woman who loves and cares for others but ultimately will, as a result of her nature, bring about the final consequences that set the novel’s conclusion in motion.

This is a completely new type of read for me. Not the content so much as the style with which it has been written. Having been a poet and still enjoying the craft when I’m able to find something that catches my attention, I would say that this story is fundamentally just that: a poem. Albeit most certainly an unusually constructed poem. Leland Pitts-Gonzalez has put together quite a consistent narrative in this one, while traversing through the reality and imagination of his characters. Is this a gory horror novel? Yes. To a degree that cannot be ignored and yet it has a  psychological aspect that continually runs throughout its pages. Would I personally read this book again? No, I did not quite find myself engaged enough in the context. That being said I believe there’s something here that could lead to a good deal of others finding enjoyment in just about every word.

At the end of the day I want to state that the issue I have with this book is about myself and what I do or do not find personally enticing. It is a well crafted story and I do encourage others to read it. The man has a style well worth investing your time in…so take a peek. It is assuredly a different way of expressing oneself.

Order your copy of Blood Poetry right here.

Rating: 3/5

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8 Comments on Leland Pitts-Gonzalez ‘The Blood Poetry’ Review

  1. James Keen // April 13, 2013 at 4:42 pm // Reply

    A nifty and intriguing review. Will have to check this one out. Thanks Vitina.


  2. James …with the possibility of you being bi-polar…(just teasing…?)…I can imagine you enjoying this book. I tried to find out more information and or other possible works done by him but to no avail. At any rate I hope that should you find the time to read this that you will not be disappointed….just me..vitina.the old hippie


    • jameskeen89450 // April 14, 2013 at 11:03 am // Reply

      Lol! I’m getting quite the reputation lately…heh-heh…
      I checked out amazon and you’re right, aside from some glowing reviews there he doesn’t appear to have written anything else.


  3. the books got some buzz going for it. I can say that much for sure.


  4. James…I could not resist the reference to your mental state….You should hear (well maybe not) how Matt likes to discuss my own quirks with me…fortunately he does not put mine out there for all to see…I have to admit I do have some quirky traits…the reference to me being “the old hippie” comes from him …and admittedly that fits, mostly in regards to my attitude and being part of the generation of love …anyway I really think you would find the way Gonzalez constructed the book as well as the story itself definitely a change of pace….as always…just me,,,Vitina…the old hippie


    • jameskeen89450 // April 15, 2013 at 1:46 pm // Reply

      Vitina…perhaps Matt is just biding his time before making your other ‘quirks’ public…heh-heh.
      I really admire the forum your son has established up here; free of easy snark and indulgent cynicism. It’s a refreshingly honest site that benefits from contributors such as yourself, Wayne, Drake, Bruce and others that have no other apparent ulterior motive, other than an energetic and endearing desire to indulge in disseminating genre fiction and an obviously fervent desire to spread the adoration of the horror genre as whole. You must be very proud…as always, just me… and me…lol.


      • I read the initial review of my book The Blood Poetry here, and was happy about the thoughtful comments. Appreciate it, really. Publishers Weekly was pretty harsh. I don’t know about any “buzz” there is about The Blood Poetry, but I appreciate thoughtful readings. FYI, I finished a novel Evolution in the Twenty-First Century, as well as a collection of short fiction yet to be published as a collection (although out there in various journals). And now working on my latest lit horror novel The Vardaman March. Let me know and I’ll keep you posted. Leland


  5. Leland – about the only thing I ask of all contributors is that they be honest and maintain integrity. I’ve personally had to rip a few novels to shreds, but I work to point out the qualities of those books, and I try hard to give advice as best as i personally can. I want authors to grow – I want to see them evolve and improve. I honestly believe our entire staff here feels the same way. Trashing someones work for the sake of trashing it is childish, and well… worthless. When you send us a novel, we’ll try our best to be completely real with you.


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