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Want a Prize Pack of Free Books? This is ALL You’ve Got to do!!

Spread the word about our facebook page.

If the Facebook page reaches 200 followers by the end of the month, I’ll randomly select 4 recipients to receive Novel Prize Packs. Each pack will contain between 3 and 7 novels (depending on size), in good quality, from quality, recognizable authors.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been following the FB page from the beginning, or if you’re a brand new subscriber. My selections will be COMPLETELY random. We’re talking pull up a list, close my eyes and point at the screen to determine the winner, randomly. So ANYBODY could win!

Plenty of books to go out.

I want to give back, but I also want to see our social media growing at a much faster rate. We need to get that FB (and Twitter for that matter) page really brewing with chatter!

So it’s up to our loyal readers – SHARE OUR LINK with your friends/associates/author buddies/family etc. Encourage THEM to share the links. We need to see this engine continue gaining speed. Why not spend a few minutes helping to spread the word if it could lead to a nice hefty prize pack?!

Thanks for the support guys! Click the image below, or the link above and help us add another 90 followers in the next 20 days !


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7 Comments on Want a Prize Pack of Free Books? This is ALL You’ve Got to do!!

  1. Yay! I mention HNR often to friends, because this is a site that always gives great, informative reviews. Keep it up!


    • thank you so much! It means a lot to all of us. We’re aiming to make this the “go to” for horror book reviews. I think we’re off to a great start, and I owe a lot of that to some amazing authors and some loyal readers who never let me down!


  2. Pushing the envelope here…quite the idea Matthew…already here of course …but I love the site…keep on keeping on….just me…Vitina aka Mom


  3. James you have quite the sense of humor…read them all by now…..ha ha..that’s a good one….as always….just me…Vitina


  4. sadly, I do not see us hitting 200 FB followers by the end of the month. I need a damn social media savvy beast involved BADLY!


  5. Any thoughts out there about who that might be…? If you do…I am guessing Matt and the rest of us would be thrilled to hear from you…as always…just me…Vitina


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