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Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca ‘Vampires, Zombies, and Wanton Souls’ Review


Written by: Drake Morgan

Poetry is a challenge even to the most literary of reader. Its brevity makes each word a vital part of the whole. There is no room for waste. Dark or Gothic poetry is a tradition spanning centuries. First made famous by the infamous Lord Byron, Shelley, and others, it’s become a subgenre of horror in our modern age. The dark poetry of Byron’s era however, is not the popular style of today. In the post-modern world, essentially anything goes in terms of style and theme. Traditional poetic elements have been tossed to wind; sometimes successfully and others not so successfully. Vampire, Zombies, and Wanton Souls is one of the latest offerings in dark, modern poetry and it’s very modern.

Heavily illustrated, the collection is not a random selection of material. Each piece focuses on the characters outlined in the title. Zombies, vampires, and creeps abound here. You will not however, find Byron, Shelley, or Coleridge in these pages.  With titles like “Zombie Guy,” “Creepy Vamp,” “Vampire Jack,” and other quips, this is poetry for the light of heart. It’s humorous, silly, and quite tongue-in-cheek. At times, I felt as if I was reading YA poetry (if there is such a thing.) There’s none of the brooding, Gothic themes made famous in the 1800s. Byron and Shelley explored the dark, passionate emotional landscape of humanity. These poems are about things. Monstrous things, but things nonetheless. Perhaps twenty-first century readers find the subtle intensity of Gothic poetry “boring” or too difficult, but for me, it captures the dark essence of our existence. Subject-style poetry feels flat and that’s how this collection read. Devoid of life for which poetry is supposed to be famous. This is modern poetry for modern horror readers.

For Byron fans, this will be a disappointment. Instead of exploration, the poems merely describe. Instead of haunting depths, there are merely words on a page. For the modern horror fan, this might be enough. For poetry aficionados, it is not.

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Rating: 2/5

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1 Comment on Marge Simon and Sandy DeLuca ‘Vampires, Zombies, and Wanton Souls’ Review

  1. This collection isn’t meant to be on the level of the Romantic poets. If you think that’s the only kind of “real” dark poetry there is, you’re missing out on a lot of good stuff! It seems to me that you’ve evalutated the work rather narrowly, but to each, their own. 🙂


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