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Jack Ketchum Sounds off on Chiller’s Airing of ‘The Lost’: “Do Not Watch!”


Jack Ketchum’s cinematic adaptation of the Lost has apparently seen some rather silly cutting. It seems Ketchum caught the picture on the Chiller network, and he’s not exactly what you’d called pleased with the manner in which Chiller chopped the film – at least its dialogue – to bits.

Check out this quick note from Ketchum, who sounded off with mind and voice unrestrained.

From Ketchum’s own site:

DO NOT watch The Lost on Chiller. Chris Sivertson’s film was fearless — they’ve cut the language so much that a lot of it is literally unintelligible. Why cut “shit” and not “sonovabitch?” Never mind “fuck”. I wrote the thing and I can’t understand what they’re saying half the time. Fucking cowards!

Mr. Ketchum, I too hate censorship!

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2 Comments on Jack Ketchum Sounds off on Chiller’s Airing of ‘The Lost’: “Do Not Watch!”

  1. Good for him for being honest and not afraid to buck the system!


  2. Wayne C. Rogers // March 10, 2013 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    I read Jack Ketchum’s comment the other day on Facebook while half asleep and missed a lot of what he was talking about. At first I thought he meant the adaptation of The Lost and how Hollywood had screwed it up. I forgot the movie had already been released in 2008. Jack even had copies of the DVD for sale at Killer Con last September. Now, I understand that the Chiller Network took it upon itself to show the film on their station, but only after cutting it down to their standards, whatever those are. If they felt so strongly that a movie needed to be cut, why show it in the first place? I can understand the Hollywood studios doing this to the films they produce, but where does a TV station get off on editing a movie they want to show their viewers? It’s like a bookstore editing a novel to what they think it should be and then selling it to their patrons. That’s nothing but bullshit and plain old censorship. Buy The Lost on DVD if you want, but ignore the Chiller Network version of it. If we start down the road of censoring everything that upsets us, there’s no telling where it will end and who will have control over what we read and see.


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