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Alexandra Sokoloff ‘The Unseen’ Review


Written by: Drake Morgan

The Unseen by Alexandra Sokoloff isn’t your traditional horror novel. It’s a supernatural thriller and it’s definitely a book for any fan of crime stories, supernatural tales, and ghost hauntings. From medieval times to the Amityville Horror, the poltergeist legend remains a fascinating concept. German in origin, it means “noisy ghost.” Stories of flying objects, knocks, and other sorts of bizarre antics accompany this beastie.

In The Unseen, Professors Laure MacDonald and Brendan find documents long hidden that reveal an investigation into poltergeist activity. The studies were conducted by famed Duke University’s parapsychology lab (apparently a real thing at one time) decades ago. The story doesn’t end with a few flying books however. The participants in the study all came to mysterious ends, including Laurel’s uncle who went mad. The two reopen the bizarre investigation with terrifying results.

Sokoloff’s story is full of suspense, fear, and a growing sense of dread as we reach the climax. Anxiety mounts and the reader truly feels the tension of the increasing paranormal activity. Dreams become nightmares. Thumps and bumps become the last sound on a raw nerve ending. Mirrors shatter like the psyche under the intensifying madness. Modern technology becomes useless as we descend into the supernatural. But is that really where we are heading? Sokoloff keeps us guessing right up until the climax.

The story is action-driven and definitely keeps the reader riding the wave of tension just like the characters. By the end however, I felt that it was a bit too much of the paranormal. Like the poltergeist itself, I started to feel under assault by the paranormal activity. A bit too much action perhaps? I would have liked more development into the emotional connection in the characters that often accompanies a poltergeist. That side of the ghost seemed lost in the action. Nonetheless, I had a great read and the ghost story always entertains!

Order The Unseen right here.

Rating: 4/5

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3 Comments on Alexandra Sokoloff ‘The Unseen’ Review

  1. Matt, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book, thank you! I’m always happy to hear a reader wants MORE of the psychology… so many people want less, these days. Just wanted to let your readers know that you can download The Unseen for Kindle FREE on 2/21 and 2/22:


  2. I’m sorry – I meant DRAKE!! That’ll teach me to fact-check…


  3. More psychology, YES! Congrats, Alexandra! Adding this to me to-read list.


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