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Anthology ‘Dangers Untold’ Review


Written by: Drake Morgan

As much as we all love zombies, werewolves, and vampires, it’s refreshing now and then to run across stories or novels that tread different ground. To me, horror can and should be an unlimited genre. What’s more creepy than a storm late at night or a creaking floorboard when you are sure you are alone? The haunting sound of footsteps out of the fog? The Dangers Untold anthology is a reminder that horror need not always come in the Universal Monsters package.

This collection deliberately set out to challenge writers beyond the usual horror suspects. Where can your imagination take you when you look beyond the usual? When can the normal become abnormal? The authors presented here step up to the plate quite nicely. We have a wide range of nightmarish scenarios laid out before us. Scientists unleash a strange energy source that turns our modern technology against us with sinister results. Evil lurking just beyond our dimension breaks through to horrific results. Ancient monsters lurk in dark Scottish lochs. Jewish ghost tales and Chinese oracles add a distinctly international flavor that was quite interesting. These are tales of our inner demons, monstrous creations, and sinister beings of which we are not aware.

Whenever authors take chances, there will of course be failure. Some of the stories in this anthology went so far down the rabbit hole of strange they became rather lost. There were those that for some reason just did not stand out from the larger collection. Weak characters or too many loose threads perhaps. Those weak stories do not however, outweigh the ambitious creativity in the outstanding gems. This anthology is a different breed of horror. While the classics never go out of style, it’s refreshing to discover new nightmares, new evils, and old things resurrected afresh.

Grab your copy of Dangers Untold right here.

Rating: 4/5

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4 Comments on Anthology ‘Dangers Untold’ Review

  1. Sounds interesting, interestingly like to check this one out.


  2. Crazy Goblin // February 8, 2013 at 8:54 am // Reply

    Sounds good, especially the part with no werewolves, vampires and zombies (who are getting a bit boring for me)


  3. Ah as I read this review I found the promise of the type of horror I find myself enjoying so much…the inhumanity of humans.While a fan of many well known tellers of the genre quite often stories such as were mentioned by Mr Drake Morgan call out to me .This review is screaming out …read me…I hope to find myself doing so soon.I too find myself often tired of vampires and such…as always…just me…the old hippie…Vitina


  4. Thanks for the kind review! I was quite pleased to be able to publish this one; Jennifer Brozek and the authors did a truly outstanding job.


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