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Stephen King ‘UR’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

In revisiting UR, a thought comes to mind about our well-read and beloved author Mr. Stephen King. Somewhere tucked away in that special place reserved for creating his tales sits an old typewriter. A typewriter that likely holds prominent placement in the heart of King thanks to the man’s earlier accomplishments; one that he eventually set aside to make way for the gadgets technological advancements have produced. A necessary change, but probably not something he looked forward to so much. Wondering why I’m even mentioning a typewriter? Well, probably not, if you are at all familiar with this adventure.

UR introduces readers to one Mr. Wesley Smith, an English teacher with a bibliophiles complete love of the written word. Definitely not a friend to technology, he’s about to purchase for himself a Kindle. A cutting edge electronic device designed to read books in digital format, that happens to come equipped with some extra capabilities. Smith receives his Kindle shortly after placing his order and we’re off and running: our man of many words beginning a new exploratory mission. While perusing the Kindle’s instructions he finds the UR functions and begins to delve into an area that holds a few startling surprises. It’s not long before Wesley’s examination of the Kindle and this awkward UR function leaves him doubting his own sanity. Smith seeks knowledge from a few friends, who hit him with some news: he’s not insane, but he is about to enter some unexplored territories.

Ironically I read this on my Kindle where it was intentionally added by my demented son. It just so happened that said reading device was a gift to me that I did not believe I would like, due in part to my hesitation in learning the inner workings of today’s technology. Considering the fact I also happen to be a serious bibliophile, I was sure it would not be something that would suit me. After all, there’s nothing quite like the feel of a book as you hold it, turning it’s pages, breathing the essence of the paper’s scent in. Much to my surprise I have found it to be an exceptional device and we’ve become rather close friends. But, back to UR: I thoroughly enjoyed this story and seriously recommend that you reserve the sliver of time required to read it. Before you leap in however, realize that I’ve only introduced you to a few pieces of UR. There’s quite a lot to uncover here, including some interesting twists that will surprise and please you. This one isn’t outright bloody horror, but it is most definitely a Stephen King story.

Be sure to pick up your copy of UR over on Amazon right now, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5

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