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This Thursday is HNR’s Stephen King Appreciation Day!


We’ll be celebrating Stephen King Appreciation Day on January 31st. Why January 31st? Well, it seemed like the best way to close down the first month of a new year. There’s no underlying meaning behind the date, although you could probably track down a few unique occurrences or odd references on this date in some of King’s works somewhere. The man loves his random details.

So do we, and that’s why we’ll be dedicating one entire day to Stephen King coverage. You’ll find some reviews of a few King classics, a few modern works, including novellas and shorts, and a special article or two, dedicated to the living legend himself.

What works are we covering? Well, you’ll have to wait and see the full lineup, but I can tell you now, we’ll dive into King’s early masterpiece, The Shining, touch down on The Dark Tower series, and even revisit Sometimes They Come Back, one of King’s most engrossing shorts. Rest assured, while that all sounds promising, we’ve got much more than that in store for you.

If you’re infatuated with King, Thursday should be marked on the calendar. We’re declaring a new holiday. January 31st, Stephen King Appreciation Day. Write it down.

We’ll see you all this Thursday!

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5 Comments on This Thursday is HNR’s Stephen King Appreciation Day!

  1. midatlanticcooking // January 29, 2013 at 10:44 pm // Reply

    I really like King’s writing, but some of his business practices are downright robbery. He recently released “The Shining” as a special edition charging $2,500 for it. Even fans who want to collect and support him as an author can’t keep up with this sort of exploitation. As one of the most successful authors in history, does he really need to do this to his fans?


  2. The first non-kids book I ever read was Stephen King’s Night Shift. It forever changed me. I’ve been a horror hound ever since, and now a horror writer. I have to credit him for a lot of inspiration.


  3. Wayne C. Rogers // January 30, 2013 at 1:05 am // Reply

    I’m sorry, but you have your facts wrong, Midatlanticcooking.

    First of all, the special edition of The Shining hasn’t been released yet, and it probably won’t be till this Fall.

    Second, Stephen King isn’t releasing it. Subterranean Press is publishing the book. A large number of fans have been clamouring over the years for a limited edition of The Shining, and Steve has graciously allowed Subterannean Press to do the honors.

    This publisher produces beautiful one-of-a-kind editions that are true pieces of art. I have a number of their books by other authors.

    Third, The Shining will be released in three different special edition formats.

    The lowest priced edition is the Gift, which I have on order for myself through a distributor. The price is $95. The book will be bound with special paper, binding, a full color dust jacket, a number of interior illustrations, and a slipcase for the book. Fifteen hundred copies of the Gift edition will be published.

    The second special edition is a Signed, Limited, numbered edition in which only a few hundred will be published. They will be signed by Stephen King and the artist and have some extras that the Gift edition doesn’t have. The price for this is $499. The price may seem high but autographed 1st editions of King’s novels are already selling for $400 & $500 or more on E-bay. Having his autograph in a copy of his novel is like owning a piece of gold.

    The last special edition is the Deluxed, Traycase, Signed edition. This will be a actual piece of art in its design and only 26 copies are being produced. The price for that is $2,500, and this is geared to the avid collector who has money to spend.

    Since this is The Shining, all three editions will quickly sell out before the book is actually published, and it will certainly become collector’s item.

    For the individual with little money to spare, there are some nice hardcover editions of The Shining availble for sell at Amazon and on E-bay, and, of course, there is the paperback edition, which has a beautiful new cover on it.

    Steve is not ripping anybody off. He doesn’t need the money. He is strictly doing this for the fans who want and can afford a great edition of The Shining. Check with Subterranean Press for more information on the different editions.


  4. As one of Mr Kings dear and constant readers I would like to address the issue of the costly Special Edition of “The Shining.” I have been reading his fantastic stories somewhere along the same time span as Mr Wayne Rogers’ has and do not find it realistic that King would put out this costly edition simply because he wants the money. Over the years I have read different comments made by King himself about the overpricing of books.I can recall a number of times where he himself has stated that with the cost being so high that he recommends we buy used …borrow ..or go to the library and check out his stories rather than spend the money we might not have…anything just so long as we continue to read .I truly believe that is still his stance on what it takes to get our hands on his books.I have done all of the above suggestions so that I could continue to read his works…that as well as the number of books my son Matt has purchased over the years as gifts for me.I can understand where people who have the funds to purchase these special treats might do so but to state that it is a greed thing disturbs me. Kudos to Mr Roger.’ for clarifying the issue mentioned here. Thank you…a fellow contributor on this site and also a mega fan of Mr King…as always…Vitina Molgaard .


    • Wayne C. Rogers // February 1, 2013 at 12:53 am // Reply

      Wait a minute. Is this Joe or Vitina? Anyway, you can call me Wayne. Only my former students called me Mr. Rogers. It’s great to meet another Stephen King fan!


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