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Roy C. Booth & R. Thomas Riley ‘The Flesh of Fallen Angels’ Review


Written by: Vitina Molgaard

Welcome to the 1860’s, an alternative western world, one which remains an enigma to the logical mind. The civil war is raging but the battle we are about to experience is one that has transpired for centuries, in the spiritual world.

Sitting still, quietly observing a small town from a hilltop, we come upon one Gibson Blount, a man alone with a mission. A mission that even he is befuddled by his urge to partake in.He’s a bit perplexed as to why he’s been drawn to this voyage, but he knows all too well that time will reveal the answers he craves.

Azazel stands at the heart of this mystery…and somewhere nearby, Azazel stirs. He knows our hero, his enemy, is close at hand. And at this point questions have been dispelled as readers have come to truly recognize the story’s protagonist, and the story’s despicable antagonist.

Gibson and his battle weary soul knows what lies ahead. The question, is why this town and why now? Azazel is waking up … and a furious rage teeters on the brink of this small community, ready to flip life on it’s head. Of this Gibsonis certain, but the extent of what is about to occur is what remains the unknown terror, to what extreme will this chaos reach, what fate truly awaits… Revelation lurks around the bend, as the latest war is about to begin.

Many characters are important here. As we read this tale we’ll come to meet a number of relevant figures, including the town’s local priest, the sheriff, a mysterious man with a secret all his own (one that alters the destiny of the whole town), and even a pair of orphans to take note of.

The Flesh of Fallen Angels is about an ancient battle between good and evil. Readers will come to be acquainted with a few mythological figures, especially the fallen angel ,Azazel and his many companions, the lower demons…those both dead and alive.

This is a piece of fiction that depicts a different take on the outcome of the battle between God and Lucifer and the subsequent results of how that outcome has come to effect mankind. I will not plunge into the detailed elements of the story, as they offer quality entertainment, I’ll simply say this: read this novella . I enjoyed this piece of work, and believe the concept is more than worth exploring …this is an example of solid prose that deserves a place in the palm of your hand.

Keep an open mind and an eye out for an interesting concept here. There’s a level of creativity well worth exploring. Whether flawless or not, I’d say this is a story to get your hands on

Rating: 2.5 /5

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