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13 Days of Halloween Sheri White ‘Sacrificial Lambs’ Review

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Ever felt compared to be rid of your offspring? I personally haven’t, but then again, I’ve encountered some “parents” who were most certainly not fit to care for children. I’m certain a few of these individuals would do just about anything to be free of the responsibility, and that, is the crux of this dark little tale known as Sacrificial Lambs.

Sheila has her hands full with two rebellious boys: constant defiance, a lack of respect. These kids are just plain out of control. But when Sheila is approached a mysterious woman named Abby, an opportunity presents itself. An opportunity to be free of the burden of motherhood. Unfortunately for these little guys, Sheila is all too willing to capitalize on the chance at a little life liberation.

As a father, Sacrificial Lambs stings the psyche. It’s hard to fathom being away from my daughter for more than a day or so, let alone forever. To actually mull the idea of having your offspring disposed of is just downright deplorable. Honestly, I believe that seeing your children part ways with the earth before you, the parent, have received the inevitable calling card, is absolutely mortifying. And that’s what makes this story a valid entrant into the world of horror.

You won’t find monsters with two heads, fire breathing dragons, flesh eating zombies, ravenous werewolves, or any of the such in this story. No, the monsters here are more of the factual kind: evil human beings who hold little regard for anyone who inconveniences them. These are society’s true beasts. The creatures that appear human: wide eyes, welcome smiles, rotting hearts. They’re the beings that we as parents warn our youngsters of. Beware the boogeyman, the real boogeyman, who looks like you and I.

Perhaps most stirring about this piece of fiction, is the fact that there is no silver lining. There is no pot at the end of the rainbow. A gut wrenching conclusion brings closure to the story, and that, in the opinion of this specific reader, is the darkest part of this tale. There is no revenge, there is no true resolution. There is only sadness, as one woman must deal with a decision made that can never be overturned.

Don’t look for a wildly animalistic story here. Rather, expect something that weighs heavy in the bowels, and summons a feeling of absolute hatred for mankind in general. The last place I want to live in: is a world in which we can conveniently make our children disappear. But that’s the world Sheila lives in, and now, though her kids may be long gone, she’ll live with the knowledge that it was she herself who ensured a child-free future.

Now that’s something my conscious simply couldn’t support.

Rating: 3/5

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